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lou33 Wed 14-Apr-04 11:57:56

Rant coming to offload.

Ds2 is due to start a new non sn nursery on Monday. He is now over the maximum handling weight to be carried, so the staff there need something to put him in to get him to the outside playground. Atm he has an old style maclaren major with extra seating inserts, as the new style won't accommodate the extras. To get him to the playground is not very far, but it means folding and unfolding the major, adding all the extras, putting him in etc, a bit of a kerfuffle for the amount of time he will actually be in it, and it can't be left in the hall ready to go (fire hazards etc). Still with me?

Anyway at the beginning of April I called w/c services to ask them to see him about a wheelchair (physio said he may be better in one as he will definitely need it later anyway), as it should be easier to pack up and fold away for nursery. They said the woman dealing with ds2 was at a conference for the whole week, and would call me when she got back. I left it until the following wedneday and called again, to find out she had been in monday and tuesday, but was now on holiday until after easter! She obv didn't call me before she went off. So today I called again, to be told she is off this week as well! He starts on Monday.

The woman on the phone said there was noone there at all this week, and even the manager wasn't in until friday. I lost it a bit saying why have I been fed all these stories then, and she said to me it would make no difference anyway, as he wouldn't have been seen in time for his nursery date. She couldn't seem to grasp that even if that were the case, I could have been 3 weeks further down the line, and less time would pass with him being without.

Now I have to wait for the manager to come back, to refer it to the woman I have been trying to get hold of, to send me an appointment. GRRRRRRRR.

Rant over.

spacemonkey Wed 14-Apr-04 12:33:47

poor you lou

eidsvold Wed 14-Apr-04 12:38:58

sorry you have had such a hard time - some people really have no concept of the term - service !?!?!

Thomcat Wed 14-Apr-04 12:40:01

Grrrrrrrrrr. How frustrating, annoying etc.

lou33 Wed 14-Apr-04 12:43:43

The woman informed me they were not an emergency service too. Am in such a grotty mood today. I feel like calling them back and shouting obscenities to them.

Davros Wed 14-Apr-04 13:04:57

Is it the health svs? Speak to PALs and complain in writing if you can bear to....

lou33 Wed 14-Apr-04 13:12:36

Also they have my second call on 7th april as the first time i called, which is not the case.

coppertop Wed 14-Apr-04 13:16:06

I don't know how they dare call themselves a service. Either they're being completely dishonest and lying - or they're so incompetent they don't know what anyone else is doing or even where they are.

lou33 Wed 14-Apr-04 13:26:02

Just checked diary and I actually frst called them on 31st March.

dottee Thu 15-Apr-04 00:26:37

Lou - my heart goes out to you! I've been waiting for hydro. for dd since she had her pot off (post op.) in December. On the last review she was allocated 2 sessions per week but nothing's happening because the physio. won't do anything without a letter from the consultant which has been requested 3 times. It's all bloody red tape.

I'm sick of people not doing their jobs or not pulling their finger out. And it's always the parent/carer that has to do the running around/phoning/shouting etc. (as if they've not got enough to do already!)

I told you I'm a gov. at dd's school. Well we've recently had a review and had to implement changes on such as H & S and handling. But it's a case of no-one will do anything until authorised (e.g. hydro.) The other week, I was in a Govs' meeting with the Educ. Chief plus members of Social Services etc. and I did raise the issue that it's all very well covering their own backs but they are causing a lot of work for the parent/carers to make sure things happen. No-one had the courtesy to reply!!!!

I hope it all gets sorted out soon for you - you sound to be really stressed out to the nines!

Thanx for the e-mail x

mummytojames Thu 15-Apr-04 00:33:41

i agree with dottee it is red tape but it is also pass the buck with those people next time you phone up tell that silly woman that you dont want to speak to a monkey could you please get the organ grinder to phone you asap

lou33 Thu 15-Apr-04 11:36:19

It is so frustrating. I think I am finding it worse because I don't usually have this sort of problem where I live. It's usually the complete opposite. It sent me into a real downward spiral yesterday .

lou33 Thu 15-Apr-04 11:36:47

It is so frustrating. I think I am finding it worse because I don't usually have this sort of problem where I live. It's usually the complete opposite. It sent me into a real downward spiral yesterday .

lou33 Thu 15-Apr-04 11:37:06

oops sorry, distracted by plethora of children.

Blu Thu 15-Apr-04 12:02:55

Oh, Lou, what a horrible start for his big transition to the new nursery
Grrrrrrrrrr very loudly on your behalf.

Caroline5 Fri 16-Apr-04 18:44:14

Grrrr from here too. These people really should try to put themselves in our shoes and then maybe they would do their jobs better. Good luck for Monday.

lou33 Fri 16-Apr-04 19:50:36

Surprise surprise they didn't call me as promised today.

fairyfly Fri 16-Apr-04 19:55:10

Sorry Lou

lou33 Mon 19-Apr-04 17:43:46

Update: Had a phone call from the woman herself (the one who will assess ds2 again), apologising for lack of communication, and she is coming tomorrow to the house, to see us, with a child sized wheelchair to try out. Result!

Will be odd to see him in a wheelchair though, he's only 3, he will look so tiny, but it is something I will have to get used to I suppose.

We also took delivery of 2 pairs of new glasses for him today , so things are back on track again.

fairyfly Mon 19-Apr-04 17:48:06

Great news lou, very pleased things are finally going in the right direction

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