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doctors refusing to assess my son

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adrianna1 Wed 19-Mar-14 23:58:49


A month ago, my son was suspected of having scarlet fever.. though the doctor was not sure and thought his rashes were his eczema. ( I know the difference between a rash and my son's eczema), so I proceeded to tell the doctor that these weren't eczema. But the doctor then told me to see my GP. ( This was at A&E at guys hospital).

Went to my GP, she said she suspects my son has a virus...because of the irregular breathing soar throats and rashes etc. But as my son refuses to let the doctor assess him. She said she cannot give him anything and virus's usually clear up on their own and told me to go to A&E.

I understand the doctor cannot traumatise my son...but how will he get treatment or know what's wrong with him, if all the doctors are refusing to assess him and telling me to go A&E.

After that day, I saw three different doctors and they all said the same thing " We suspect your son has a he won't allow us to check him...go to A&E".

I did not go to A&E as my son's rashes seem to be disappearing. This was a few weeks ago.

But now, my son has irregular breathing, he would pause for about 4 seconds..then regain his breathing pattern, till it happens again. He has been crying all the time, loss of appetite, sleeping for unusual amount's of time ( Getting tired very quickly and sleeping longer). Though, sometimes is back to his happy self, which make me doubt if he is ill. Plus his rash are gone

I made an appointment to see my GP..but if they again tell me again XYZ and that I should go to A&E. I will go or just skip my GP and go to A&E. Plus I would not be going to Guys hospital because of the recent episode.

Should I skip GP and go to A&E?


Nennypops Thu 20-Mar-14 07:07:59

Sounds like it would have to be your GP at this stage, it's not an emergency.

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