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Synaptol and ADHD

(4 Posts)
rockie Tue 15-Aug-06 16:08:20

any one got any experience of the above product? it seems to claim a lot

chocolateannie Mon 06-Aug-07 08:48:36

I have heard of it just ordered and trying it out if anyone else has experince please let us know

MissesF Mon 06-Aug-07 14:21:46

is it a prescription medicine?

teenmama Sat 08-Sep-07 14:15:44

We began using Synaptol with our teen daughter who is also on Focalin for ADHD. I was hesitant, but a friend had it recommended by her Dr. so we decided to try it.
I am a nurse and my husband is a physician. We delayed use any medications and tried all the behavior modifications before beginning a stimulant when our daughter was in 6th grade. That was 6 years ago. She took the Synaptol for about 3 days and we began noticing remarkable results in her irritability. The effect has been gradual and at first we weren't sure if we just "wanted' to see it, but we definately see less oppositional behaviour. It doesn't make her feel any differently, but we have really noticed she seems calmer. I have 3 other friends now using it with similar results. One commented that her son was saying please and thank you for the first time. We had made the same comment! I'm convinced it is definitely helping. She still takes her Focalin for school, but takes the Synaptol twice daily too.

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