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Primary admissions during statementing process

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Kakty3 Fri 31-Jan-14 12:49:35

Hi, everyone.

Was visiting an out-of-borough school this morning, which we are considering for Part 4 of DS's Statement (draft issued just before Christmas). I was under the impression that the fact we have a draft Statement makes the eAdmissions process schools unnecessary, however the (otherwise seemingly very reasonable) Head of this school categorically suggested we put a (late) eAdmissions application for DS, as at the moment she said there is no record of him applying for September enrolment anywhere ('don't count on SN team talking to Admissions' were her exact words), which is particularly problematic for schools like her, as as far as her borough is concerned, DS doesn't exist.

I phoned our LA's admissions team and the lady suggested I should put a late application in (even though ticking 'Does your child have a Statement of SEN' on the web form says you may not need to). Can more experienced parents please enlighten me? Thanks!

Kakty3 Fri 31-Jan-14 12:50:44

Sorry for the typos blush.

salondon Fri 31-Jan-14 12:51:58

I was given a similar advise by a school.. My case is slightly simpler in that we have a statement but we are appealing it and the school is in borough.

If your application keeps the HT happy, just do it..

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 31-Jan-14 13:02:20

You state you have a draft statement; if this is indeed so when will it be finalised?.

Will your LEA actually allow your son to go to an out of borough school; they may well query this with you if they feel their is suitable in borough provision.

I would also have a chat with IPSEA and discuss this further with them.

Kakty3 Fri 31-Jan-14 13:37:53

Thanks, salondon!

Attila, we have submitted our comments (or a substantial rewrite, depending on who you ask) on the draft earlier this month (with the assistance of ever so helpful and knowledgeable Fiona Slomovic), not a peep from the LA yet.

We are requesting ABA provision in the Statement (running a full-time home programme at the moment) and I've been canvassing schools in and out of borough, to find those who are willing to work with us and our ABA shadows in principle, prior to submitting a list of schools to be consulted by the LA with regard to being named on Part 4 of the Statement.

Very much willing to go to SENDT, if we have to.

Geneticsbunny Fri 31-Jan-14 16:43:58

We were awaiting statement approval this time last year and we applied for schools through the normal process. I think it makes it easier for the schools to assign places. I.e. if there are usually 30 children in a class and they know 2 who are applying will probably have statements then they can save 2 places and give the other 28 out. If you apply late or get on solely on statement then you may be an 'extra' child I.e. there will be 31 in the class instead of 30.

babiki Fri 31-Jan-14 16:47:56

I was told the same, altough I want SS.. So I did apply via normal process for MS as well, however I will not send ds there.

Kakty3 Fri 31-Jan-14 16:55:33

Thanks for your feedback, all.

I am kicking myself for not asking the question earlier, given I pretty much had the list ready by admissions deadline here (15 January)... Anyway, I applied earlier today and wrote a letter explaining the reasons for the delay, so hopefully they will now be able to consider our admission choices in conjunction with the Statementing process.

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