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2 children with special needs............Help

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angel0011 Fri 30-Aug-13 18:22:12

Hi all, I have 2 sons. 1 has autism and the other suspected aspergus (still in process of diagnosis). I am at breaking point, feel really bad but im not getting any support with how to cope. I have been given alot of numbers for clubs for them but this does not help with home life. I have 4 children. It is like constant ww2. All I seem to do is tell them off. They fight and argue. Always seem to be in competition. My neighbour keeps complaining about the noise, don't know what she is expecting me to do, gag them! I am self employed and work most days. Maby does not help feeling tired, doing interviews next week to hopefully lighten the load. Has anyone got any tips that have 2 children similar to mine. When they are separate it is quite calm.

Sorry to rant

Thank you for reading

zzzzz Fri 30-Aug-13 18:40:12

Yup. Are they back at school yet, because fag end of the holidays can be grim.

Ignore neighbour, tis none of their business.

Write a list of things each child likes and have the stuff to do it in a drawer for emergency redeployment.

Remove things that cause fights. (Eg wii is only a useful babysitter if said babies don't end up whacking each other with the remotes...I may be projecting wink ).

Looking after a child with additional needs can be 2 or even 3 times more work than 1....rebrand yourself in your mind as looking after 8 kids and your own business and you will see you are brilliant! grin

angel0011 Fri 30-Aug-13 18:58:39

Thank you, I will get started on a list. I don't really have game consoles on ever. Far too much stress. Yeah they go back to school on weds, that's another stress as teachers find it hard to cope and I get called in a lot for one drama or another. Plus the boys get picked on too so they come home upset all the time.

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