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Direct Payments for 2.5yr old?

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RexandBen Fri 06-Feb-04 13:45:50

Hi all! Through another board I frequent I've heard about Direct Payments from the social services - where they give you money with which to pay someone to help your disabled child.

I know that some people use this to pay their ABA tutors, which is what I am hoping to do (as the ABA is unfunded and costing us 2k/month so any help would be much appreciated!)

Anyway, I have just phoned social services and spoke to a social worker. She is going to arrange an assessment of DS1 but she said "to be honest with you, I've never heard of a 2.5yr old getting direct payment. They're usually for older kids."

I was wondering if any of you had experience of this or know anyone who had had any help for younger kids. Thanks

Davros Fri 06-Feb-04 14:29:39

The fact that its direct payments is irrelevant. They have to assess the level of need and award a number of hours. These can then be used by them providing someone or something (extremely unlikely) or you can ask for your hours to be funded with Direct Payments. She's talking nonsense! There's a govt booklet all about it, I'll dig it out and you can get a copy. Parents now have a RIGHT to ask for their respite/hours in DPs. The difficulty is getting the respite/hours awarded in the first place. Try every trick you can! Have you also tried getting a reduction down one band in council tax if you've got a therapy room?

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