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Went to BIBIC last Thirs and Fri... was so impressed!

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SleepyJess Sun 04-Jun-06 16:09:31

Thanks to you guys, we have been to Bibic now and I'm feeling so much more positive about DS's behavioural issues. I know it's early days.. and school does not recommence until tomorrow... but we have already seen some small and v.positive differences..

So much of what they assessed and shared with us was so simple but made such good sense.. and I could have cried with relief at hearing people (all of them - seperately!) state that it was unsurprising that his behaviour has been so bad considering the frustration he must feel. His intelligence, it seems, has surpassed his phyiscial abilities to express it.. speechwise.. physically, etc. So he has been hitting out, in lots of ways. And we, and school, have allowed this to become a pattern. I know it's going to take some time and effort to alter this.. but I feel as if we have the tools to do it now.

I have copied all the most relevent parts of the info we have been given and made a folder for school. This is mainly his Individual Learning Programme, including "Mr. Tongue" stories (does anyone else's child on here do Mr Tongue?) and some general info about communication, social stories etc. Only thing I am worried about is that school might not respond well to being 'told what to do'. They are mainstream it's true.. but are a 'beacon for inclusion' school and possibly have dealt with many behavioural issues without BIBIC input. Having said that, they (and we!) have NOT been dealing well with the current problems, so much so that DS, who is surprisingly able, much more so then he appears, has done little in the way of 'work' for weeks on end. So surely they will appreicate the input? And its nothing complex or time consuming that I am asking of them. And there is at least one other child who goes to BIBIC at this school.

How have others whose children go to BIBIC found that school have received the info you took in to them? Either mainstream OR special.. as I imagine special school might be even less inclined to be 'taught to suck eggs' as it were> (I am guessing though.)

Thank you for encouraging us to go. My little man has so much knowlegde trapped inside him; he currently only expresses a fraction of it for the outside wolrd to see. In the last few days he has showen us that he understands and can PLAY (!) 'I Spy' and yesterday, he clumsily 'wrote' a capital A on paper (his name is Alex) when I told him to 'write his name' (just playing with him; not expecting anything!) I nearly fell off the picnic bench I was sitting on!!!!

We have been so let down by the system although they have possible done their under resourced best. But if it wan't for BIBIC, Alex could have stayed frustrasted and angry like this forever!

SJ x

SleepyJess Sun 04-Jun-06 18:44:08


Jimjamskeepingoffvaxthreads Sun 04-Jun-06 19:24:27

My experience was that mainstream weren't really that interested- it's not NC, I sent in the programme and ds1 was reassessed whilst attending, they didn't use any of it at all.

At ds1's special school there is a full sensory programme anyway. They have been very good at listening to what we do at home though, have to say, have been very impressed- they take our suggestions on board, and often ask our opinion before starting something.

Are you thinking of changing schools?

Jimjamskeepingoffvaxthreads Sun 04-Jun-06 19:25:14

actually that's not quite true- they did use a wobble board for a few months (but they had borrowed it and had to give it back).

peachyClair Sun 04-Jun-06 20:14:03

BIBIC actually went to ours chool (generally worse than worse for SN) and that made a huge difference- i think having someone 'specialist' helps a lot, and relaxes the school somewhat. The assessment from SALT at BIBIC that he was 10 verbally, compared to a school asssessment of Sam as bottom of his year, also caused them to realise A) how he amsks things; and B) the disparity- they themselves admitted the disparity was enough on its own to be a cause for concern.

So IME Bibic was wella ccepted at school. In fact we, only managed to get access to Senco after we sent in his file from BIBIC.

Blossomhill Sun 04-Jun-06 20:17:03

Dd's school were more than accomodating and we had a meeting with the head, head of unit, senco and class teacher after our visit to Bibic. After the meeting the teacher put into place a "volume control" for the whole class as dd was shouting a lot and it was causing difficulties with her voice. In fact the teacher said it helped the whole class.

SleepyJess Sun 04-Jun-06 20:39:47

Not thinking of changing schools at this stage JimJams. We have been very happy with them until recently.. in fact as recently as early March, we all sat happily in his review meeting congratulating each other on his successes! Its only in recent weeks, that I have felt very unsupported and disappointed in them. DS's behaviour had taken a nose dive and all they were saying is that they weren't sure how to handle it.. and didn't have time for a meeting with me and DH! (Well not before half term.) Did in the end get to discuss it on the phone with various people.. (DS uses funded transport to and from school so am only in there about once a week) and I told his one-to-one that we were going to BIBIC.

I will go into school tomorrow (as DS has RDA so I take him there and there to school myself) so will have chance to go through the folder myself with her (I hope) but doubt I will be able to discuss it with anyone else. I am hoping they take it on board ok.. they ought to really..they are always saying how it benefits us all to work together.

Glad some of you have had positive experiences. Hopefully I am worrying over nothing.

SJ x

FioFio Mon 05-Jun-06 07:41:31

Message deleted

SleepyJess Mon 05-Jun-06 11:12:52

I always do Fio.. we have to have a private arrangement. A group from your DD's school always arrive just as we are leaving I left a message for you on another thread yesterday.. but buggered if I can remember which one....

heartinthecountry Mon 05-Jun-06 11:31:23

SJ - I would hope that if the school were admitting they didn't know what to do about your ds's behaviour then they would really welcome the input you will give them from BIBIC.

Glad you had a positive experience there. We really need to take dd back for a reassessment as most of her program is now irrelevant.

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