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DLA stopped on 16th birthday even tho the award runs to 2015

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I got on the phone to them first thing ..8am call and was straight through!
Turns out that they had forgotton to tick the appointee box, even though we had the visit and paperwork done a while ago. All sorted now and hopefully DLA in next week!


insanityscratching Fri 05-Jul-13 14:07:41

Have you had the pre sixteen home visit yet? You will need one in order for the DLA to continue to be paid to you. DWP "forgot" ds's visit and so his stopped too. It was "quickly" sorted out (within two months hmm once they sent someone to check that ds did indeed want us to continue to look after the DLA.

NoHaudinMaWheest Thu 04-Jul-13 21:16:19

I think it could well be a mix up with the bank accounts.

Ds turned 16 last year, his award lasts until 2020 and we have had regular payments.

But I'm his appointee til he is 18 so his benefits are to continue to my account..they took those details months ago when they made me his appointee. Though it wouldn't surprise me if this happenedsad I hope it's that simplesad

Davros Thu 04-Jul-13 20:53:51

DS still gets it and he is 17. You have to become his Appointee for benefits at 16 which is fairly straightforward but they should have been in touch with you about it

davidsotherhalf Thu 04-Jul-13 20:50:30

it has to go into ds bank account as soon as he turns 16, you need to phone them and get them to send a form out. this happened to us

So I discovered todaysad DS2's award runs to June 2015..according to their own award letter. But they stopped it on his 16th birthday 3 weeks ago (I only realised today when no more went in the account)

Any experience of this? I have had no notification that he needs to be reassessed as an adult, he's not due to be transferred or reassesed for PIP, no adult renawal forms.. nothing. Just stopped payment.

Needless to say we are up shit creek as sadly we do rely on this and had no reason to expect it to stop without warning. I shall be ringing them tomorrow, but it's a he also needs to be going to ESA , and of course his mobility covers the carsadsad

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