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Should an LA rep attend first AR?

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moosemama Tue 21-May-13 11:18:01

We have ds1's first AR coming up.

At his IEP meeting I asked the SENCO if our LA officer would attend AR and she said no - in fact initially she said it would be just her and us, hmm until I made a point of saying I wanted his new school to attend. Apparently inclusion/outreach will be there - although Lord knows why as his inclusion teacher has only seen him twice for half an hour a time this year (which considering they said they wanted to ensure he was properly supported this year due to transition etc is beyond poor). angry

After chasing the SENCO - again - (for a first AR that is also secondary transition and should have taken place in April angry) we now have a date and his new school are attending, but no LA Officer.

Should I call the LA Officer myself and ask if she would normally attend?

To me, it makes sense for her to be there, as isn't she the one that has to approve any changes to the statement?

Also, while I'm here - are there deadlines for parent contribution forms to be sent in etc and shouldn't we have everyone else's forms circulated to us prior to the meeting as well. The review is straight after half term, we only heard about it mid-week last week and they want us to return our completed form in time for circulation to other attendees - which is pretty much impossible, given we break up on Thursday. hmm

StarlightMcKenzie Tue 21-May-13 14:03:41

I think you're overestimating the competency of the people involved in all this sad.

YOu should have the reporst 2 weeks beforehand. You can request a delayed AR if you want to now as you are within your rights. You can hand in your contribution on the day and make enough copies to circulate.

You can also write to the SENCO and request that since the inclusion person hasn't had anything to do with him you don't think it is appropriate for them to attend as you feel they have not offered anything so far. (this will make them pay attention and although still attend might actually DO something this time).

moosemama Tue 21-May-13 15:53:00

Thanks Star, that's pretty much what I thought.

Just dug out the relevant section of the SENCOP and as per usual, nothing has been done right.

Can's delay the AR, as he has had zero transition support so far and there's only one half term left, so need to go kick some backsides there. angry

Not much point in doing or saying anything about inclusion, as they won't be involved with him next year because he'll be out of county. So, although he will still be officially on their roll, as it were, the hands-on outreach work will be done by the next county's inclusion team. Daft thing is, he saw them weekly for 1:1 for three years, then the minute everyone agrees that he is seriously at risk due to the secondary transition and he needs them to help gradually build transition across y6, we don't see them for dust. hmm

I guess it's a strongly worded letter to be delivered to SENCO - and copied to the HT - tomorrow then. Was really hoping I wouldn't have to. Have a frozen neck/shoulder, knacked my bad foot dancing to the Levellers at a festival on Sunday night and just to top all that lot off have some sort of grim, mouth, throat and ear infection. sad

cansu Tue 21-May-13 22:15:58

I don't think LA are generally at AR unless you are perceived as a PITA or are expected to be asking for something expensive. They often attend dd annual review because we went to tribunal several years ao and they are always expecting me to cause some problem whereas in fact I am v easygoing! Anyway I often don't get reports etc in time but in fact I don't make an issue out of it as I am happy with school. I suppose it depends whether you are happy with ow things are going or not. I think if I had doubts about someones contribution I might ask for reports in advance as well.

The LA rep at my DS's ARs has always been the advisory teachers (like autism outreach) never anyone from Shire Hall. TBH, the Shire Hall lot are administrators and I'd rather have someone who has at least worked with DC at some point.

moosemama Wed 22-May-13 11:14:24

Well, I am definitely perceived as a right pita, so I fit that category! grin

I thought it would be a good idea for them to attend, as ds will be in an out of area indie placement come September and this would be an opportunity for LA Officer, us and the school to all be together round a table for the first (and probably only) time.

As for whether I'm happy with the school or not. No, I'm not, they've done pretty much zero since his statement became active last September and were caught out lying about it at an emergency meeting the LA Officer attended, but then continued to do zero and in fact not do any of the things they had agreed to at that meeting. angry

Thing is, he only has half a term left there and I'm kind of thinking it's just not worth the stress/fight. His new school SENCO will be there and I want to start off on a good footing with them, so want the meeting to be positive and forward looking.

Inclusion/outreach will be there, but his inclusion teacher has only seen him twice for half an hour since January and both times they just chatted about things like his birthday and him looking forward to going to Legoland. Not sure if it will be his inclusion teacher or her boss that will attend at this point though. They won't be directly involved with him anymore either, as it will be the other county's inclusion/outreach team that work with him in the new school - although officially he will still be on our county's list, so technically still their responsibility. Not sure how it all works with out of county indies to be honest. confused

Didn't manage to write a letter anyway, as dh was out at a work seminar and I was too poorly and ended up in bed early maxed out on painkillers and anti-inflammatories. Brain still isn't working today.

We have open evening tonight, then they break up tomorrow, so no way I can get our report in before half term now, as I need dh to work on it with me.

This year has basically been a write-off. They are just babysitting him, waiting for July when they can wash their hands of him and I've felt there wasn't much point in fighting, as even when caught out lying in front of the LA and it being obvious that they hadn't implemented the statement nothing changed. Can't wait for the Summer holidays to start so I never need to have another bloody IEP meeting with that school again. (Assuming there's never a problem with dd, who starts there full time in September. hmm)

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