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Two children with aspergers does older NT dd need support

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Gorta Fri 03-May-13 21:54:43

Two of our younger children have been recently diagnosed with Aspergers. Our eldest child is 11. She is very sweet kid who loves her siblings. She knows about their conditions SLI and dyspraxia. She has noticed that I am reading alot about autism but I haven't talked to her yet about it as I want to talk through with her sister her diagnosis first. She accepts her family and we all take for granted this is our life.
My question is other people's reaction to our AS children and their behaviours. Yesterday we were in a shop and two of her friends from her class were laughing and mocking our ds. I feel for her and was wondering what is he best way to support her? Has anyone else experience of this?

Some SN support groups have special sibling sections to support them. Is there anything local to you?

Would it benefit your DD to get autism outreach, or autism advisory teachers etc from the LA to give a talk to her class about 'invisible disabilities?' It may give them some better understanding and sympathy. A lot of teasing is born of ignorance.

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