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Aspergers/ADHD and Disney Orlando - are we mad?

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BiddyPop Thu 25-Apr-13 09:41:31

We're looking at booking holidays and considering Orlando for 10 days. Staying in an apartment with pool rather than Disney hotel (has cooking facilities and a seperate room for DD). And renting a car (so not trying to deal with shuttles if DD is meltdown mode).

Transatlantic travel is fine, we were in Boston/Cape Cod 2 years ago with her.

We are learning how to cope with lots more since that trip anyway in terms of DD's needs (that was pre-dx). So can pre-empt a lot more, and are more aware of her sensory problems (loud and sudden noises can be problematic, and she can have issues with huge crowds at times).

I am wondering though if Disney would be too full on for her, or if there are places you'd avoid or definitely try to get to, if anyone has been before?

DD is not particularly into Disney princesses etc, but does watch a lot of movies and loves things like Toy Story. And animation generally. Her school is in the campus of a 3rd level art college with film school so there are tie-ins, and I think she would enjoy the film-making aprt.

We are also looking at a day in Cape Canaveral - which we'd all enjoy. (DH and I are science/engineering backgrounds, and we all love "The Big Bang Theory" too).

And if anyone has any links to social stories etc on Disney or Orlando, that would be great too. (I have just finished putting one together for my DBros wedding, and she is finding that helpful to know what's going to happen).

Thanks in advance.

PatPig Thu 25-Apr-13 09:48:33

When are you going?

You can avoid the biggest crowds by planning. Things like parades and shows are pretty integral though, and will always be crowded.

Lots of children with special needs go to Disney though.

BiddyPop Thu 25-Apr-13 10:03:25

We're looking at the 1st 2 weeks of July (and realised last night it would mean being there 4th July). So busy but we can probably do fireworks looking from apartment rather than in Disney.

Actually, though, must look at Disney site and see if they have anything in place already - thanks for pointing that out. (More by way of pre-knowledge of things in our case, and knowing where to go for relative quiet if overwhelmed).

BiddyPop Thu 25-Apr-13 10:04:15

And we tend to do early mornings rather than later days anyway, so presumably would miss some crowds by being in parks on opening every day and swim in pool in afternoons.

PatPig Thu 25-Apr-13 10:47:03


Can you choose a quieter, cooler time of year?

We went second week of December, which was very quiet and lovely, but as we got closer to Christmas it was just too crowded and really spoiled things.

July will be large crowds and temperatures over 30 degrees every day, and humid.

SallyBear Thu 25-Apr-13 11:40:10

Get a doctors letter and take it with you to get a Disability Pass from MK Guest Services. This gives you a shortcut onto the rides, as your entire family go through the disabled entrance for all rides. We did it in 2011 and worked like a charm.

BiddyPop Thu 25-Apr-13 14:04:25

PatPig, going later in the year is not really an option as this is our summer holiday and dictated by school holidays and family events. DD is better in the heat than me, and I am getting maps etc to know where to go (like central first aid or whatever its called).

SallyBear, thanks for that. I'll get a letter when we go to GP or consultant in the interim. I've found some more info this morning that I didn't yesterday when looking, so that helps and the pass looks useful.

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