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ADHD and mealtimes

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redfleur Wed 27-Mar-13 21:23:52

Does anyone have any tips on how to deal with mealtimes with a child who has ADHD?
Breakfast is 'bouncy', very slow, highly distracted, forgets to eat, nneeds reminding to chew etc...we can't get up much earlier to accommodate this.
Lunch is fine as the meds have kicked in.
Dinner takes 90 mins of falling off her chair, forgetting to eat, getting distracted by anything and everything. The meds have worn off by then. Tonight it was 90 mins to eat some chicken and potaotes.
We can't alter the time she has her meds as they cover school nicely.
Any tips on getting her to concentrate on her meal to finish quicker.

PolterGooseLaidAChocolateEgg Wed 27-Mar-13 21:36:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sweetteamum Wed 27-Mar-13 21:43:28

The only tip I have is to buy a wobble cushion. My ds uses his at mealtimes now and it's made a huge difference. He can sit down longer than without it.

redfleur Wed 27-Mar-13 21:49:54

Thank you for the replies.

Off to google a wobble cushion. Thank you!

DD doesn't like timings, she told me I obsessed with time recently....sigh. I've even drawn pie charts to appeal to her maths side, she can see how much time she has, she just can't do anything about it! She's not competitive and reacts very badly to adds to her anxieties.

PolterGooseLaidAChocolateEgg Wed 27-Mar-13 22:10:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ouryve Thu 28-Mar-13 08:42:49

How about smaller, more frequent meals? Include plenty of high calorie and high nutrient food, too. I'm guessing she's taking methylphenidate, which can affect appetite.

MadameSin Thu 28-Mar-13 16:15:04

I think ouryve suggestion is a good'n. My ds is 9 with ADHD. He likes to watch TV straight from school, so I use that time to give him a really healthy, ample 'snack'. That way, when dinner time comes he has less on his plate and the time is more manageable. My ds isn't medicated as not severe enough, but mealtimes can still be an effort for him. We give him the coveted task of setting and clearing the table to keep him busy ... strangely he likes it confused

BallyGoBackwards Fri 29-Mar-13 11:57:46

Sometimes we pause the tv on a favourite programme that DS is watching. He comes to the table knowing that it is waiting for him. It keeps him focused on the task in hand so to speak.

trinity0097 Fri 29-Mar-13 16:53:00

Could the main meal be at lunchtime not in the evening?

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