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First appointment 9th January..what to expect?

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OhWouldYouJust Thu 03-Jan-13 11:05:51

I posted a few months back when DD3 aged 3 was referred by HV for assessment for possible ASD.

We were told her referral would be considered by a panel and could still be rejected, but after a phonecall from a psychotherapist who is part of the team who consider referrals at our local centre, our referral was accepted smile.

Her assessment begins next Tuesday with a visit from a family co-ordinator who will apparently be our point of contact throughout the process.

So basically im hoping you lovely m'netters can give me an idea of what to expect during this initial appointment? And what i can do apart from having all the necessary info to hand?

Thankyou in advance

chocjunkie Thu 03-Jan-13 11:12:30

our first appointment for DD1 (autism) was basically going through all our concerns and we also discussed her development, her (missed) milestones.

I made a list with all her milestones and all our concerns and gave a copy to the paediatrician. I really recommend writing down everything. it is so easy to forget things when you are in there.

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