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Family fund driving lessons - what happens if I fail?

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Avuncular Sat 08-Dec-12 22:59:53

Re actual driving lessons - you need to be realistic; think 60 hours with a good instructor that you get on with (suggest DSA Grade 5 or above) not 30. Sorry!

Avuncular Sat 08-Dec-12 22:56:00

You can normally reset the date for the theory test without further charge, provided you do it with more than (I think) 3 clear days before the test.

Obviously you shouldn't put it off indefinitely, but no point taking the test 'til you're ready: just a waste of everyone's money.

If you have your personal details and provisional licence no to hand, this should be possible by logging on to the DSA website via the .GOV gateway website.

RabbitsMakeGOLDBaubles Fri 07-Dec-12 22:40:48

Thank you babiki, I hope you do well with your test, you have strong motivation now I am sure, try not to get too concerned. I will look into applying with Family Fund for this.

babiki Fri 07-Dec-12 22:13:33

Nothing to do with mobility just apply, my ds is mobile now. Yes that's what i'm worried about, first time I took lessons is 12 years ago- never even made it to test- chickened out sad but now with three kids I HAVE to drive, it's really complicating our lives... I'm hopeless at directions too, I think it's some kind of driving car impossible disability smile

RabbitsMakeGOLDBaubles Fri 07-Dec-12 22:01:43

I was told five for behavioural issues, it's only three for physical disabilities?

Dev9aug Fri 07-Dec-12 21:48:41

rabbit mobility starts at 3, not 5.

sannaville Fri 07-Dec-12 21:24:15

Yourhand I wasn't given the choice of driving school I just had bsm ring me up to start the lessons! Wish I'd had choice as well as would've swapped ages agp

RabbitsMakeGOLDBaubles Fri 07-Dec-12 21:05:51

Thanks YourHand, didn't want to hijack, but driving would change our lives, as I am disabled also, with limited mobility, so it would mean I could go out and about safely with my little runaway firecracker with no sense of danger.

YourHandInMyHand Fri 07-Dec-12 20:51:54

Rabbits make - my DS wasn't claiming mobility when I first applied to family fund so you should be fine but their website will no doubt show criteria if you wanted to check. smile

YourHandInMyHand Fri 07-Dec-12 20:50:51

I received family fund driving lessons a couple of years ago now and failed. sad Got a few extra funded lessons too and still failed. sad And it wasn't even my first go at learning either! blush I can drive until test day and then I screw it up.

I understand that now you can choose your driving instructor/school - wish I'd had the option to do this as I just didn't rate my instructor at all.

I really do need to pass my test, it would make life SOO much easier.

OP theory test is mostly common sense, do lots of practice on the practice disc, and do quick reading slots of your book. smile

RabbitsMakeGOLDBaubles Fri 07-Dec-12 20:40:28

You can apply for this assistance when your child gets high rate mobility right? My DD has high rate care, but I can't apply for mobility until she is five.

sannaville Fri 07-Dec-12 20:37:44

Yes I know I'm panicking slightly as my test date is 21 Dec and there's no way I'm ready! Would've only had approx 30 hrs by then. Ho hum well they can't take money from me I don't have!

babiki Fri 07-Dec-12 19:23:53

Hm that's really weird sad

sannaville Fri 07-Dec-12 19:04:15

I'm not sure. I'm not having any private practice only my lessons and he said I may need few extra lessons. Family fund rang him and told him to do assessment form for them and asked him if I'd be ready to do my test in Dec as if he didn't book date they would reclaim the money!! He said he will just swap the date without them knowing but I'm concerned as this wasn't mentioned in the small print

babiki Fri 07-Dec-12 18:58:32

Sannaville, that's interesting info, also not read it anywhere, wonder how is that possible..How many lessons do you think you need in total?

sannaville Fri 07-Dec-12 17:23:42

Hardest part of theory test now is the hazard perception bit practise the DVD for it. I'm doing lessons with ff at the mo and my instructor told me that if you're not ready to sit your practical at end of lessons they can reclaim the money!!!! I never read that bit anywhere!! Anyway my instructor says he can get round it but has had to book a date for my practical to please the ff people

babiki Fri 07-Dec-12 13:00:09

thank you SweetMingePie, I will certainly need it smile
well done for passing and actually driving!

SweetMingePie Fri 07-Dec-12 12:37:02

I got driving lessons through FF a few years ago. Changed my life!

The package I got also included two goes at the theory, although passed on the first go, and two goes at the driving test, I passed 2nd time.

My driving instructor was familiar with the FF, BSM instructor who they used o use, and he said hat if you failed you could ask them to pay for the next one and they always did providing you showed willing and not waste the money.

Good luck!

babiki Fri 07-Dec-12 12:32:13

thank you both, so you think it's do-able by the 19.12? Have to finish my OU assingment today and will start the Highway code...
Avuncular I will probably PM you once I have a look at the book, thanks!

Avuncular Fri 07-Dec-12 12:16:11

Hi I've never known anyone who is properly briefed fail the theory test. (I'm an ADI with a lifetime driving experience and 7 years as an ADI). If you drop me a private message I can give you a bit of coaching. In the mean time just crack on with reading the WHOLE Highway Code (It's available free online 'online highway code in Google should do') and trying the multiple-choice questions. As has already been said, a lot of it is just common sense. You probably actually know a lot of it already. grin)

tabulahrasa Fri 07-Dec-12 12:00:20

You don't learn it all properly...a lot of the theory test is common sense, a lot of it is road signs, which you usually know more than you think you do.

I'm not saying this is the right way to do it - because really you should know some of it, it is for safety reasons after all, but I booked a cancellation with 3 days to the theory test and sat and did practise ones for 2 days, I basically learnt how to play the quiz rather than the actual theory.

babiki Fri 07-Dec-12 11:54:02

Just received the book and DVD for theory test, they booked the test for 19.12. Judging by the size of the book there's probably no way I'll pass it, have any of you failed it? How long does it take to learn properly? And no, even if I watched my husband and other people drive for years, I know nothing, even the road signs are a mystery..

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