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Can I get dd reassessed?

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LesbianMummy1 Thu 08-Nov-12 20:23:57

Dd has hyper mobility, sensory processing disorder, and other Asd traits. We seem to constantly go around in circles with medical professionals.

Her paed said Asd traits, her ot & physio say Asd traits her school think Asd traits as do I.

We went to Camhs who said we needed to see paed. Paed said we needed Camhs. Camhs woman said to me as we walked into room first time she ever met us "She does not have aspergers why are you wasting my time."

She then went onto tell me it was my frequent change of sexual partner that were dds problems. (I have been with same partner 12 years dd age 10). The woman then went on and said if dd recognised a smile as happy she could not have aspergers. She also claimed dd maintained good eye contact.(no other professional or myself have ever seen this).

Won't bore you with all of the other details.

Dd in year 6 now and anxiety really heightened. She has lots of other symptoms but how can we get Camhs to reassess her?

Ineedalife Thu 08-Nov-12 20:29:06

Your CAMHS worker sounds bonkers TBHconfused

Can you go back to your GP and ask for a second opinion?

If all those other proffs think the same thing she shouldnt be dismissing the concerns without a proper assessment.

Someone else should be along soon who might have more ideas than mesmile

TapselteerieO Thu 08-Nov-12 20:31:02

Could you get psychiatrist involved? I live in Scotland and my ds's psych was desperate to be the one to officially diagnose him, to the point where I didn't want my ds to be a "notch on her belt", consultant paed gave ds the "asd traits" label.

I am still a bit confused to why my ds has not had the ADOS test - maybe someone with a bit more knowledge of the assessment process will be able to clarify for you.

LesbianMummy1 Thu 08-Nov-12 20:36:10

Thank you both even if it not aspergers they are failing her. She waited five months for appointment over high anxiety met me twice eight weeks ago and only met her once even though it only six sessions to support her.

LesbianMummy1 Thu 08-Nov-12 20:36:55

Sorry five months for appointment with primary mental health worker

lisad123 Thu 08-Nov-12 23:07:21

Ask for referral to GOSH autism team. They only do second opinions and will give a full assessment and written report.
Ask GP for referal

mariammma Fri 09-Nov-12 01:14:43

From your nickname, I'd say it was just blatant homophobia last time. Go back and insist on seeing someone who'll do their job rather than indulge their prejudices. Cos as her parents, you need to know whether she has asd.

Or if it's social or family-related issues, something else altogether, or a complicated mixture of things. And your dd's difficulties need a useful label which signposts other people and official services to give you and her the right help. You probably already know that asd in girls is usually misdiagnosed?

coff33pot Fri 09-Nov-12 09:10:46

Ok ask school and other proffs supporting you to write a letter to you and copy to GP confirming their views, reasons and suspicions of asd.

Camhs woman's is talking out of her backside and as usual it's a blame the parent first before anything remotely constructive is ever going to happen.

Have cas written you a report of her views? If not ask her for one.

Then go see GP armed with all the letters. Tell GP that cas clearly lack experience on this field is they cannot work out your daughters age is less than the length of time you have been with your partner!

Tell him you have lost faith in them and their reasoning. Request a second opinion at Maudsley they are great at working out complex cases.

you are entitled to request a second opinion. The bigger paper trail supporting your dd the easier it will be to get it smile

Keep diaries in the meantime of anything that arises along the waiting time to show the next proffs.

Good luck smile

StarlightMcKenzie Fri 09-Nov-12 09:25:22


Bonkers Cahms. How does she explain children of parents with multiple partners who have no problems then. Sounds like she's in the closet herself daft bat, and has quite obviously appalling training in ASD.

LesbianMummy1 Fri 09-Nov-12 18:26:47

Thank you all have written this post three times today and its not posted.

I have reports from ot, physio, paediatrician and school that all support me. Camhs one I very negative but obviously does not mention her homophobic views. Apparently she is a senior practitioner. I have found out today four other parents I know have complained about her.

I will go to doctors and see about rerefer ring her.

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