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tribunal - anyone named a school then had to change it half way through the process?

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bjkmummy Wed 07-Nov-12 16:26:26

current school cannot meet his needs. LA agreed he needed another school but then done nothing to find a school - anyone its a saga as these things always are!

found a free special school - looked fab, named in it in my tribunal papers after getting an email from the head saying he agreed a place, met my son, he went to the open day, gave him loads of paperwork, LA went to visit it as I had named it

i sent him the form from the tribunal asking him to confirm the place - sent it as soon as i got it so been about 6 weeks. been chasing him for it - he asked for more info which i sent, he then phoned me yesterday to say teh were asking questions about his OT etc and made some comment about one of the reports making him sound not to bad, he also asked about his behaviour. he had a meeting today and hes emailed me to say that he now wants to come into J current school and speak to the teaching staff - my tribinal paperwork naming my witnesses needs to be back next friday and now im jumping through all these hoops. if he says the school now dont have a place for him im screwed

the school place is 8.5k a year - the only other option is independent schools at 40k - no way am i going to win this on efficent use of resources if i end up going down that route plus getting him seen and getting an independent to make an offer of a place between now and xmas is going to be impossible - i am so blinking stressed - dont know which way to turn and am doing this completely by myself

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