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Almost through assessment - advice would be appreciated

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kmummy Sat 20-Oct-12 15:35:14

DS has had two assessments and the last one is Tuesday then a review on Thursday. So far in feedback I've been told on that what they've seen so far they feel their looking at a disorder rather than a delay by he still needs to do the ADOS. And the ST says he use echolia a lot and his own speech is like statements. He still doesn't converse at all if spoken to (he's 3.5).

I'm so nervous about next week, I feel sick and feel like we won't get any anwsers.

Firawla Sat 20-Oct-12 16:12:07

They might give him diagnosis on the thursday. We just finished having ds assessment last week, he is slightly younger than yours so I wasn't sure if they would give a diagnosis then with him being young, and because things always tend to drag out - but they did.
And if they don't, then all you can do is just keep pushing for it, you sound like you are well on the way though
Good luck, hope you get the answers you need to help your ds.

kmummy Sat 20-Oct-12 16:34:09

The plan all along was we would be given a diagnois on the thursday. But she said to me on Thursday I have to prepare myself also of never having answers!!! Which has totally thrown me sad hes been sharing the assessment room with another little boy and neither of them have once even acknowledged eachother. I just don't how il cope if we come out with nothing, why does he have no skills in so many areas to be told there's nothing sad

Is this normal? Did you feel anxious?

Firawla Sat 20-Oct-12 17:29:41

yes I did. I was preparing myself that they would say we can't diagnose now its too early and wait another year or something, and that I would have to push them to do the ados (mine hasnt had the full ados it was just mdt, but he has got asd diagnosis from that)

I guess all you can do is wait till thurs, see what they say and take it from there
Seems weird for them to say prepare yourself to never have answers - but keep going if they wont give you any answers you can get it from somewhere else?

Are you thinking towards asd? if you feel like you know what his issues are anyway then you can still do what you can to help him at home - presuming you are already but what I mean is that in a way the diagnosis does not change that much, although obviously you still need to help with getting support and for yourself just to know more for definite what the situation is with your ds, and answer your questions.

They're not going to tell you its nothing, im sure they wouldn't, cos from what you've said there are obvious things they would flag up so im sure either they will give you some answers or if they want to wait and do the ados atleast they will do that but im sure they wont just send you away without the answers, they cant discharge him without anything surely

it is really stressful though when you have to wait and see and have no idea how long it will take brew biscuit

Ineedalife Sat 20-Oct-12 17:38:08

It is a really stressful time, being this close to having some answers but not knowing if you are actually going to get them.

The day that we went back to get the feedback from the psychiatrist I had totally convinced myself that she was going to say Dd3 didnt have ASD. When she said she was going to give her a Dx I nearly fell off my chair.

Be kind to yourselves.

kmummy Sun 21-Oct-12 14:27:30

I really don't know what else it could be. He ticks so many boxes..and I cant find anything else that matches him.

I don't know. It's feels like we've had a very simple time and I just can't help thinking something is going to go wrong. Now right at the end sad

I never thought it would be this hard, I just worry they will want to watch him for another year and see how he copes starting school. His nurse said the other day that mainstream is our best bet as she felt he was good at copying behavior and felt a specialist school would maybe make him worse? She also said he had a lot of potential there to work with and the main concern is to integrate him as best we can in society when he's older.

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