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Symptoms improving as speech and language develop?

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laurabatty Tue 02-Oct-12 11:13:57

Our DS 2 and a half has been diagnosed privately with GDD with autistic traits. Our LA doesn't diagnose ASD until 3 but are lucky to be seeing SALT ect already which is the most important thing. He is making great progress speech and language wise - starting to put 2 words together - and as this improves we can see his obessions easing and his range of interests widening.

We are confused at the moment and still don't know what to think. My question is: were you convinced your DC was ASD but actually turned out to be speech and language delay/ disorder instead? Or is it typical with ASD that symptoms can improve as language develops?

porridgelover Tue 02-Oct-12 12:30:44

Hmmm...its a good question.
I think its very difficult to generalise. Every child on the spectrum has a different profile of strengths and weaknesses. I wonder how much is down to the work you are doing with him and the natural development as he gets older?
Even NT children has a narrow range of interest for a while at that age and it ASD children can be very difficult to divert from their obsessions and they dont grow out of it.

I would agree though that language acquisition is huge for improving DS has an Aspergers diagnosis so his language is hypergood.
SaLT and I have been working on using his language to improve Theory of Mind...which is slow painful work but shows small gains.

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