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Prudhoe (Ferndene) Hospital Northumbria, have any of your dc been there?

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shazian Sun 12-Aug-12 17:03:07

Hi my ds 11yrs is being admitted for assessment & diagnosis and hopefully help as he has been unwell since Nov 11. He hasnt been to school since Nov, has severe autism, GDD, low muscle tone and pica. Attending Yorkhill Glasgow at the moment and they have now given him working dx of catatonia in autism which he is on lorazepam for. However he has no communication and they are finding it difficult to get to bottom of his problems so he has been referred to prudhoe for further investigation. Just wondered if any parents out there had a child who has been to prudhoe and how they got on. The assessment is likely to take between 6 and 12 weeks which is a long time away from my boy, though we will visit on weekends and have him home alternative weekends, TIA

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