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lovingthecoast Tue 10-Jul-12 10:46:53

Hi, I've been posting on and off about ds2 since he was about 6mth-he's now almost 10mths. He is my 4th so I noticed straight away things weren't right. Everyone has been so helpful on the other threads so I'm hoping to pick your brains once more.
Ok, just to summarise; couldn't BF, way too passive, never makes any noise at all, doesn't reach out, terrible eye contact, doesn't smile AT us but has this strange smile on his face most of the time, freaked out by noise but seems to have super sonic hearing. Recently he has started just about picking things up and letting them go immediately as if they are hot, then doing the same thing again and again. Also can spend an hour just staring at his own hands as he turns and twists them around.

So, thinking we may as well do what we can now but can't find much info relating to a 10mth old. Have found a few things through google and would appreciate any info on any of it inc the names I have found. Please feel free to CAT me if you'd rather not discuss in public as I'm desperate to make the right decisions at this stage.

Ok, googling has come up with
-a woman called Ruth Glynn Owen who has a website called early start or something. She works with children from 12mths. Only problem is she is based in Scotland and we are on the south coast! Any info appreciated though!
-a company called autism partnership who are in London and Leeds and will do Aba with children as young as 16mths with or without a diagnosis.
-a man called Duncan fennemore similar to above but with lots of good reviews on Internet and long waiting list.
-a clinic in London called infant mental health clinic where they treat children as you g as 6mths. Run by an Israeli woman called Dr Stella aqu.. (sorry can't remember exactly but think she is well published)

Any views on the above or any other suggestions of what to do would be most welcome. Just feel so helpless and desperate to do something. Thanks

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lovingthecoast Tue 10-Jul-12 23:09:21

Thanks, AAmommy! She sounds great! I will try and tempt her to the beautiful south coast but if not, maybe we could opt for a mini break in Scotland or see her in London.

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AAmommy Wed 11-Jul-12 10:23:31

smile. Good luck! In terms of Scotland she is in a very nice area, and her charity is within the Universirsity campus, so you can even stay at campus. There are very good facilities there. We are frequent visitors to Ruth's place, so PM me if you need any additional info. And again, good luck!

lovingthecoast Sat 14-Jul-12 12:19:14

Thanks. Have arranged for two psychology students to come in over the summer and I'll contact both RG-O and DF in sept. he'll be 11mths then so closer to the age where both would consider taking him on. At least I feel like I'm doing something now as both these girls have an interest in Aba ans play based learning and therapy.

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IndigoBell Sat 14-Jul-12 13:14:10

Also research gluten free / casein free.

Bpr187 Tue 14-Apr-20 23:25:46


Your son sounds exactly like my 6 month old. I have the exact same concerns now as you did and I am so worried about him sad .. I was just wondering how things worked out for you? And if you did ever get any intervention with Ruth? I have just contacted her regarding my son and hoping to get some intervention sorted soon when all this COVID is over.

I would really appreciate a response even though this thread is old. Xx

Harmos Fri 24-Apr-20 10:04:02

Hi, We are also going through same situation our with son 3.3yr old much older than yours. Autism is that's what it is seems to have become so much more common now, whether its genetics or environmental factors (years of what we've been feeding ourselves). It worries me everyday that we could have a life as carers for a non-verbal non-independent son, but what can we do, nothing. We have ups and down moments, mostly down these days, but if this is our destiny then we have to accept it and move on. Yours is very young and I am unsure whether ASD traits can be relied upon at that age, so all I would say is enjoy these early years no matter what the future holds.


Bpr187 Fri 24-Apr-20 10:38:35


I wasn’t looking for any signs of autism at all to be honest or even tracking his development because I had a very much (he’ll do it once he’s ready). What started all this was, he use to smile at 3-4 months and now he’s suddenly stopped. He literally never smiles it’s heartbreaking. Since I googled (biggest mistake although kinda glad in some ways) I then noticed a load of things he was doing which point towards it. I just so wish these signs didn’t emerge now when he’s so young just because I’m constantly worrying and even though I can get help for him earlier. I feel like I’ve only been able to truly enjoy for 6 months. I’ve been sick to my stomach since then just because I’m so worried. I love him so much I just want his future to be like every other child sad

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