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Neurofeedback training

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blueShark Wed 15-Feb-12 06:58:06

anyone heard of it, done it or know of any providers in London?

It was very recommended by someone that has done it abroad.

blueShark Wed 15-Feb-12 17:09:14

No one then...

MichelleWac Fri 13-Apr-12 12:09:08

Hi there. There is PeakMind and the Learning Assessment and Neurocare Centre who offer neurofeedback. May be worth googling them.

AgnesDiPesto Fri 13-Apr-12 19:58:01

I know a child who did it. I can't say I noticed any change at all in the child afterwards.

streakybacon Sat 14-Apr-12 07:44:05

Ds was offered it years ago through Barnardo's, before he had his ADHD dx but it was strongly suspected. Then the staff member who was assigned to oversee it left and it was never mentioned again hmm.

oodlesofdoodles Sat 14-Apr-12 16:09:41

What is it?

margoff12 Fri 13-Feb-15 13:09:12

We use UK neurofeedback platform
We've bough the technology once and just keep getting new apps and use it at home, it's easy to use, can't imagine why we should go to the doctors. all EEG headsets have become very usable nowadays, and programs are fast to learn and understandable to use. You may also check out Neurosky and Emotiv depending on what you need. Neurosky is US based, don't remember about Emotiv though

happymom12 Mon 09-Mar-15 17:25:33

we have 2 headsets, one from MyndPlay and one from Neurosky. they are a bit different, but both serve the purpose well, depends on what you find more comfortable to put on and wear. Obviously, there is no common golden recipe for every case, but bio- and neurofeedback was recognised as one of the best treatment options for ADHD children by the American Academy of Pediatrics -

happymom12 Mon 09-Mar-15 17:26:36

so I think it should say something in favour of neurofeedback

bentoni Sat 05-Nov-16 16:15:28

I know this thread is really old - but I'm interested in seeing if I could use this Myndplay or equivalent in the UK for my 7 year old who has executive dysfunction (and ASD)...?

It's quite an outlay....

Margoff... was it worth it?

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