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Touch screen computers

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oldboy Wed 19-Oct-11 09:38:31

Hi my ds is nearly 3 he has fragile x syndrome and is completly obssesed with the touch screen at nusery. And now thinks everyones tvs should be touch screen. He can not yet talk. Have seen a touch screen computer just wondered if anyone else uses one with someone so young and so far behind found a few games he could use on it.

JackTheNipper Wed 19-Oct-11 10:02:21

We have a touch screen computer computer for my DS who has just turned 3 (got it for his birthday)
He goes crazy for it!! we have found a lot of cbeebies games are touch screen there is also a 'helpkidzlearn' web site with lots of games for touch screen I will try and find the link.
We just have to watch he doesn't get too rough and over excited with it, but other than that he just loves it! grin

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