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Need help on a SN pressie

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lisad123 Tue 11-Oct-11 23:05:07

We have had to give up dd2 space at her SN school as we just can't afford it anymore sad
They have been a godsend from the start. Never too busy to help, got dd straight away, helped with loads of information for dx appointment and handled her melt downs so well. We really are going to miss them sad

It's her last week next week and I want to buy them something nice for the school. They have a sensory room which is good and loads of wonderful stuff.
I'm stuck for ideas!!

Anyone got something their LO really enjoys?

catrin Tue 11-Oct-11 23:21:32

Bugger! No idea why you are in this position, sounds awful -sorry. From a special school perspective, their budgets tend to cover the big stuff. Maybe you could get a something that dd has always loved. As I said, no idea about background, so apologies if not appropriate, but maybe some theraputty, or rainmakers, or torches... Obviously it depends on your budget - but ultimately a photo of dd with a thank you/handprints/scribble/lipstick kiss would be worth a thousand things. We all love a child thing!

silverfrog Tue 11-Oct-11 23:36:17

I always went for either:

something made by dd1 - usually for a specific teacher/TA (firm favourite was always a ceramic picture frame, form a pottery painting place - dd1 would do multicoloured spots all over, then a nice picture of her in)


somethign that woudl instantly (to the staff) call to mind dd1 when they thought of it. so have done: her favourite book (which had to be read to her several times a day! no way would htey ever forget that one!) a nice set of dinosaur models (similarly obsessed!) etc.

dd1 loved magnetic playscene books - a bit more robust than fuzzy felt pictures, and really good for all kinds of play?

sorry to hear things are tough, lisa <hugs>

lisad123 Wed 12-Oct-11 07:54:23

It's just one of those horrible choices you have to make sad
I like idea of something by dd, make some flower pots as she spents ages in the planters grin
I really couldn't choose which staff member, they are all so wonderful with her and dd doesn't fond bonds with people in the same way, it's just whoever is there, she's not choosey smile

I have considered a story sack but they are so expensive sad

Keep ideas coming smile

silverfrog Wed 12-Oct-11 07:58:06

do yuo have a good pottery place near you?

some of them have biggish plant pot holders.

or what about a large plate - handprint, spots (or more, if she is good at painting!) and then get the staff to write on it (or you, if you are not as cack-handed as me grin) with name, date and a "thank you" - present and suggest they use it at snack time?

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