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Downs Syndrome and swearing..has anyone else had this?

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CeeVee Thu 06-Oct-11 00:12:35

My DD has Downs Syndrome and has recently transferred to mainstream secondary school. I receive almost daily phonecalls now about her swearing both to herself and on occasions to teachers. As a parent I find this unacceptable and do not accept swearing from her at home. Though she swore occasionally at her primary school it was always handled calmly and was not perceived as a major problem. My DD loves the school but cannot articulate why she swears. I'm worried that the school is building a case to say that she shouldn't be educated there, though when they speak to me it is always as if they will try anything to make it work. We have suggested a number of strategies but have no real idea of what is happening in the rooms at the times that the events occur.

2old2beamum Thu 06-Oct-11 09:11:52

Have been there! Again on starting secondary school was telling various members of staff to f* off. Numerous phone calls, not language used at home, normally would have been excluded PANIC. Finally discovered other children were doing the same but more subtly. On a positive note at her review the subject was broached and the head shrugged his shoulders and said if we want her to benefit from mainstream school we have to accept she will pick ap bad habits as well. BTW now 24 she is the biggest prude I have ever met!

purplewerepidj Thu 06-Oct-11 09:33:59

Can you use social stories and visual prompts to reinforce at home why it's unacceptable to swear in teacher's hearing ? DD is probably hearing others swear, probably subtly so that the teacher doesn't hear, and repeating either louder or at the wrong time.

Also, is there any possibility that she's being set up by someone who wants to see her in trouble?

CeeVee Fri 07-Oct-11 21:26:47

Thanks 2old2beamum, nice to know she's not the only one. She undoubtedly does hear swearing around te school but her swearing seems to be born of frustration, often with her own perceived inability to do something.
A lot of her swearing is also related to her imaginary sidekick/alterego. DD seems to need to talkout all situations that she finds difficult either with or as her alterego. As alterego is the bad guy this often involves swearing. Did or does your DD do the same?
The school seem to be supportive and accepting of this behaviour, if mystified by it, but not sure if they're just going through a process of saying the right thing whilst building a case to say they can't find a solution or cope with her? Maybe I'm just being paranoid.....

2old2beamum Sat 08-Oct-11 23:00:52

Hi CeeVee No you are not being paranoid!! Don't have any first hand experience DD2 (Downs I have 3) did have an incredible fantasy world including telling the whole school she was pregnant and had epilepsy. Your school does sound supportive have you spoken to the SENCO to see if any help from outside the school is available. I have a friend whose Down's Daughter who has voices in her head 13years old will try and pick her brains early next week. Good luck xx

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