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Any advice/help please? Sorry, V.long.

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ameliapond Mon 26-Sep-11 17:52:03

OK, dd2 is 5 and in year 1.

Have had seperation problems with her for as long as I can remember, although she did settle into playschool at 2 and a half after a few sessions, loved it and we upped it to three a week but the summer term in which she turned three.

It went down hill from there, half hour meltdowns going to school saying she didn't want to go, but with her keyworker she was mostly fine after a bit.

Fast forward to nursery school, and she was fine for a while, but then started crying and getting upset about going to school around christmas time when the routine completely changed. She refused to co-operate with teachers, change her book or do PE, her main friendship group started to ignore her (the doing of their parents) so that really unsettled her.

In that time, she has always been very headstrong, wont backdown, would have meltdowns over pretty much nothing.

Now reception year, and it took two days before she started again, every morning had to be dragged in, wouldn't read with teachers or do work. Then her new best friend left at half term so she had to find new friends. She found that hard as everyone already had their friendship groups and was basically the outsider.

It then progressed to having meltdowns at lunchtime as she couldn't have what she wanted, not going to assembly or participating in music or circle time, kicking out and shouting during letters and sounds, not completing work, not coming in from the outside area when asked to, changing the names of the class helper to hers, excluding others from her games, saying she wont sit next to X as he is a boy, refusing to go to play therapy, having to have numerous time outs to calm down as she was getting very worked up, tearing down displays in anger, having many angery outbursts in the class room, not taking part of class assemblies, being over affectionate with her friends some of the time, and at others, hurting them.

SHe has been in year one now for a few weeks, and was doing ok, had a couple of time outs, but on the whole, she had settled down a lot. She was doing well with going to assembly, although the teacher had problems getting her to do the work, she is very bright and is set challanging work that she is very capable of completing, but refuses to do that and the rest of the work that the class does. She doesn't have a reading book as she refuses to read.

Today was the worst day so far. She refused point blank to go to play therapy, and threw things around the room when she was in there. The theapist said she couldn't work with her in that state. The Senco and learning mentor couldn't calm her down at all, she was kicking out, screaming and spitting, and scratched them both badly, drawing blood. I get a phone call to come and collect her (at 9.45 this morning) as she couldn't be calmed down and was out of control. I go see the head and was told she has been officially excluded for the day, and given a letter about it, told to bring dd2 to her in the morning to have a chat and see if she will co-operate enough to go back to school.

We did a CAF form for her in march time, and had the TAC meeting, referrals sent to CAHMS and behaviour support, although behaviour support took us of the list due to a mix up.

She is on SAP and has an IEP, mainly stating how to calm her down, keeping routines the same, giving her prior warnings when something is happening, getting her settled etc.

She is under SALT for group therapy as she can't pronounce a few sounds still, but her understaning and comprehension are above average.

I don't know what to do now, nothing is really working, refferals just aren't coming quick enough, what can I do?

lacornsillk Mon 26-Sep-11 18:00:30

what is this play therapy? Who is the therapist?

ameliapond Mon 26-Sep-11 18:06:27
Basically what the play thearpy is. The girl that does it works for Relate and they give funding for around 5 children in the school to have it. Dd2's was extended from 12 weeks to oct half term, she started around feb time.

squidworth Mon 26-Sep-11 18:19:33

My DS at 5 hated any treatment which singled him out (he still does) he at this point already knew he was not like the others and would break down when salt arrived or it was his 1:1 work. The sad thing was the other children didn't notice until he had a meltdown. He had a great teacher who would send other children on errands just before he had to leave class so he became just like the others popping out. It did get easier as he matured but you must fight the exclusions as this is not right and what you do not want is to punish your DD for negative behaviour with the reward of going home with mummy

totallyyours Fri 30-Sep-11 17:25:23

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 30-Sep-11 17:41:51 is the website to look at re SEN and exclusions.

Has DD ever been evaluated by someone like a developmental paediatrician?.
GP can refer you to such a person. I would go down that route rather than CAMHS if that is available to you.

Has anyone mentioned the word "Statement" to you?. It looks like SA plus is not effective any longer.

lec0rnsillk Fri 30-Sep-11 21:14:47

forgot I'd posted on this thread blush Agree with atilla. The intervention clearly isn't working for your dd at SA. IME when children are on SA they get whatever intervention is available and not necessarily the intervention that is best for the child.

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