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SALT referring ds ASD, nearly 7 yrs, to OT for possible Dyslexia, what happens

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brandy77 Sat 13-Aug-11 21:42:17

is there a specific test they do for dyslexia? Thankyou smile

IndigoBell Sat 13-Aug-11 22:37:09

OTs don't test for dyslexia - they test for dyspraxia.

Only an EP can testfor dyslexia and they do a wide variety of tests depending what they feel like. There isn't actually a defn of dyslexia, there is no criteria you have to pass to have dyslexia.

DD got a dx of dyslexia because 'she was unable to learn to read despite having been adequately taught'

My friends DS got a dx because 'his spelling age was significantly behind his Reading age'

basically if your child has severe problems with Reading or spelling he will get a dx of dyslexia. Like mostof our dxs it won't help at all. A dx of dyslexia does not help school teach your DS how to read.

dolfrog Sun 14-Aug-11 02:28:39

Dyslexia is a man made problem, about having problems with a man made communication system the visual notation of speech, or the graphic symbols society chooses to represent the sounds of speech.
There are two forms of dyslexia, Developmental Dyslexia which has a genetic origin, and Alexia (acquired dyslexia) which is the result of some form of brain injury, stroke, dementia, or progressing illness; or those who are loosing or have lost their ability to read write or spell. It is from Alexia research that the psycholinguistic models of how we learn to read have evolved over the last few decades.
Currently as Indigo has mentioned all of the tests for developmental dyslexia are purely subjective. There are three cognitive subtypes of developmental dyslexia :- auditory, visual, and attentional. So an auditory processing disorder, a visual processing disorder, an attention disorder, or any combination of the three can cause the dyslexic symptom.

There are more dyslexia research paper collections here, and a CiteULike Developmental Dyslexia, and Alexia (acquired dyslexia) research paper sharing groups

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