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What to expect during initial OT assessment

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thebeansmum Sat 13-Aug-11 12:29:31

Have received appointment for initial assessment in September for DS (9 yo) It says two OTs will be there but not much else - ie how long will we be there, what will they do, will they suggest stuff to us afterwards or is it all hush hush we'll send you a report?

Main issues are around sensory processing and we were approached by school a year or so ago to suggest seeing OT team.

Any help would be greatfully received!

bigbluebus Sat 13-Aug-11 12:46:42

I'm no expert on assessments - there are others on here who have been through lots with their DCs. My DS did have OT assessment aged 11 as part of assessment for Aspergers. He had to do drawing and handwriting exercises, balancing and walking along lines forwards and backward, throwing things a targets, some of it against the clock. Can't remember much else - it lasted about an hour but it was all supposed to be fun stuff. DS found it all a bit tedious really as he doesn't have a problem with motor skills or balance but it was more fun that a morning at school!!!
Hope that helps for now - others with more experience will be along soon I'm sure

thebeansmum Sat 13-Aug-11 19:22:29

Thanks, bigblue - that's kind of what we were expecting. Will be like pulling teeth trying to get him to draw anything! Matchstick men is about his limit!

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