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...and...breathe!!! :(

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Becaroooo Mon 08-Aug-11 16:17:59

Ds1 (8) is not listening and generally his usually clingy self.

Ds2 (2) is being, well, 2!!!

I have a slipped disc so am in pretty much constant pain and cant run around after the dc so cant take them anywhere fun sad

Was driving yesterday and got a massive chip in my windscreen so autoglass have got to come out. My washing machine has broken so need a new one. Rental house which we got the keys for on saturday has loads of issues ...stuff not working/missing and keys not there. None of my curtains fit the stupid poles either so need new curtains

Been into town this morning to get their new shoes/school shoes and some shopping and then took them to macdonalds (I know!!) for their lunch and am sitting on the sofa on MN wanting to have a little cry.

We are moving house on friday, so much still to do. Have insisted dh take a days holiday on thursday - he was only having half a day on friday (!!) and is off on one of his "jollies" tomorrow with his friend for the day <<bitter>>

Written down it doesnt seem much at all blush but I feel on the verge of tears and have done all day sad Its pathetic.

Fed up of being married to dh. Fed up of being mum to an sn child. Fed up of being mum to a toddler.

Just fed up sad

IndigoBell Mon 08-Aug-11 16:24:43

YANBU sad That qualifies for a stressful life.

My nanny just quit - and that's stressing me out enough sad

DHs - they're not really worth the effort are they grin. Luckily mine's good with the dishes and the housework.....

Don't underestimate how much harder life is when you're in constant pain. Is there any light on the horizon for your back? What's the treatment / prognosis for a slipped disc?

Becaroooo Mon 08-Aug-11 16:31:00

erm..none! Have got strong painkillers but they zone me out so cant take them as I have to look after the dc. They think I have RA which is a bit worrying but my appt with consultant was cancelled and havent had another through yet.

My dh is walking a VERY fine line atm smile

Sorry to hear about your nanny sad You really liked her didnt you?

sigh...anyway, autoglass are coming out this evening to sort my car out and I have booked a hair appt for tomorrow to sort me out smile

Poor dc...I am NOT fun to be around atm sad

IndigoBell Mon 08-Aug-11 16:36:50

Just get through one day at a time.

Lots of TV and computer games for the kids. Lots.

If you have a garden - order the kids outside - that's what it's there for grin

Takeaways for dinner.... Ice Cream to keep them quiet mid afternoon......

Don't worry about the kids for the next week, until you've moved house. They'll be fine with you being a less than perfect Mum.

Your back sounds more worrying - especially RA (Arthritis?) Sending you lots of strength......

purplepidjin Mon 08-Aug-11 16:44:26

Exotic, exciting and expensive daytrips are NOT part of whatsisface's pyramid of needs - love, food and shelter are. Concentrate on the basics. When teacher asks "What did you do in the holidays?" "moved house" is a perfectly acceptable answer grin

If it helps, 4yo DNephew has come to visit for a few days and we've spent the afternoon watching CBeebies, Cars and now Ghostbusters blush

auntevil Mon 08-Aug-11 16:46:15

I honestly don't think kids notice when we're having stressful days. DH's usually don't notice anyway. And yes - moving house is officially one of the most stressful events you can go through - and that's before adding RA/Disc pain - so definitely - and officially YANBU.
McDonalds in our house usually brings about excellent behaviour (before) - and is used in stressful circumstances. I would therefore class it as medicinal, stress/pain relief.

zzzzz Mon 08-Aug-11 17:21:20

Get a friend/sibling/supermarket, to deliver tubs of ice cream, squirt cream, strawberries, choc sauce and make huge and disgustingly messy sundaes.................moving is hell.

If it helps dh decided he didn't need to take more than a half day when we moved several hundred miles to the country. At the time I had a just 6 year old, a 3 year old, 1.5 year old twins and was just pg again [fainting everywhere but didn't know why yet]. We have been paying for that little executive decision for 5 years....I found 3 boxes stuffed in the garage only yesterday. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Get as much is humanly possible done and then drink beer and eat take-out.

I have RA [well so they say but denial is keeping it at bay and I am in remission], the best advice I ever got was from a really horrid old consultant who told me to take a bath as hot as I could cope with in the morning and move about in the water vigorously. It works! Basically so long as you don't sit still that and super dose ibuprofen work....the other drugs turn me into a zombie so not an option for a few years yet.

unpa1dcar3r Mon 08-Aug-11 17:28:56

OH Beca what a time you're having sweetheart. Big hugs coming your way...

It's all too much in one short space of time. It always seems everything comes at once and always when you're feeling like poo anyway!

Just a thought but do you get family fund help? They provide a card thing for washing machines from Comets, you just pay for a 5 yr warranty out of what they give you. Might be worth asking if you're on any benefits, like WTC or CTC...
Google them.

Sympathy with the back; I'm due an xray on mine and my hip for osteoporosis (runs in the family and a fragile x carrier thing). Had a helluva bad back last week for 2 weeks and i was very grumpy!

The McDonalds sounds good though (pass me a BigMac someone please!)

As for husband...grrrrr, hit him with the frying pan.

Becaroooo Mon 08-Aug-11 17:44:01

Oh, you are all so kind <<sniff>>

Feel v pathetic today blush

Blimey....washing machines cost a lot don't they?? Have gone for a middle range bosch one as am so sick of cheapy ones dying after 12 months....considered a miele one for £1000 but would have needed to give dh cpr after he saw the bill grin

Yes, the RA thing is not good, but OTOH it would be good to finally figure out the constant pains/aches/exhaustion etc and maybe get some treatment?

I LOVE hot baths!!! Good tip, thanks.

Dh and dc have gone to pick up the carpet we ordered for the boys new bedroom so am on MN and watching a programme about impressionists on catch up tv!!

Am afraid ds1 and dh will be having pizza for tea (ds2 has got mash and steamed veg in the fridge) I will have biscuits grin

Need to get curtains tomorrow and sort out the dishwasher (?) and meet the locksmith to get a new lock/keys for garage door.

Ds1 will end up with scurvy by the end of the summer hols sad

Becaroooo Mon 08-Aug-11 17:53:06

oh dear...alot of the impressionists met a sticky end didnt they?

Syphillis, cutting off bits of themselves, alcholism, drug addiction....this is not cheering me up!

SparkleRainbow Mon 08-Aug-11 18:12:16

Hi Beca, I am not sure that tv programme is helping. I am sorry you are having such a bad time. My dc are driving me mad too, dh is also pushing it quite frankly, car is broken again, and we are out of money........ does it help to know you are not alone? Fancy a brew?

zzzzz Mon 08-Aug-11 18:14:47

I have decided on a whole new take on the eating thing this summer. Children are to grow up free strong and above all not chained to the cooker/dishwasher like their Mother. wink

We no longer "do" lunch on weekdays, no no NO! Instead there is a huge thing of rolls and bagels etc, a fruit bowl and cheese yoghurts yourself and each other.


SparkleRainbow Mon 08-Aug-11 18:17:07

I like that idea zzzzz, but can I be organised enough...... That is the question grin

EllenJaneisnotmyname Mon 08-Aug-11 18:21:23

Hi Becarooo. I've already done my joke about the Gestapo once today, shame I don't know any better ones. The RA sounds nasty. sad I hope your move goes well and all the stress calms down. I've been admitting to resorting to sausage rolls and pasties for lunch. If I have to make another sandwich...

SparkleRainbow Mon 08-Aug-11 18:30:53

I liked your gestapo joke, both versions, and I say that as the wife of a German!!!! grin

Becaroooo Mon 08-Aug-11 18:40:36

sparkle Can I have gin in mine??? grin

zzzz good idea!

ellen I know what you mean...bloody dairylea...grrrr

coff33pot Mon 08-Aug-11 18:40:44

Change the channel! grin

To be honest when DH is around he is in the way when I am trying to do something such as moving. So I tend to box up and chuck out without the "oh can we keep this or that it might come in handy" I just get ruthless and ditch while you got the chance smile then make a list of heavy stuff to shift and just point DH to the right corner with no room for negotiations before he goes out tomorrow.

Its just sods law you got chaos happening all in the same week! The kids wont suffer with 1 week of quick meals I am sure they will do just fine then have a slap up meal in the new home to celebrate you have moved and that you havent lost your sanity grin

The less pressure you have on you the better at the moment and if it means lots of TV and computer games for the kids so be it. When they move they will be so excited about their new surroundings and getting involved in their new rooms they wont remember the stressy mum one bit! grin

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