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Alternative Therapies for Dyspraxia / APD

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BlackL Mon 27-Jun-11 17:15:27

Hi all,

Wonder if you can give me any recommendations for alternative treatments?
My 6 yr old son has balance, coordination difficulties, reading delays, writing, processing speed, short term memory. Also is Very Tactile seeking. Hes driving his friends crazy!

I am considering INPP and or sound therapy.

My son has been seeing OT for over a year now with some progress. He does exercises such as hopping, jumping, animal walks, throwing and catching balls, handwriting sheets, heel to toe, star jumps etc.

Is OT different to this INPP treatment? Would hate to pay all that money for the same thing!

Any successes out there with Johansens sound therapy or any other alternative treatments?

Moeny tight as with all, but will do anything to help poor wee man get through school.

Thanks :-)

IndigoBell Mon 27-Jun-11 17:26:31

I would recommend INPP and sound therapy for dsypraxia / APD.

I have had huge success with Auditory Integration Training and with the Neuro Dev Program at the Sound Learning Centre.

An OT could be giving you the same exercises as INPP - but probably isn't. Is the OT trying to cure retained reflexes?

I would stop the OT for a while, and try INPP and Auditory Integration Training....

BlackL Mon 27-Jun-11 18:42:54

Thanks for reply indigobell! I just love this website. How did I survive all these years without it lol!!

what kind of exercises are involved with inpp?
For his OT programmes he does exercises such as hopping, jumping, animal walks, throwing and catching balls, handwriting sheets, heel to toe, star jumps etc. But these are what hes been doing for over a year and with only some improvement.

The first ot mentioned about a retained reflex, but shes left now. I asked his current ot about a retained reflex and she didnt know what I was talking about, though the first one wasnt doing any exercises different to the 2nd.

Went to an osteopath. He got some cranial work done this weekend and apparantly there was damage done at the back of the head during childbirth, so ive a few more appointments at that, so fingers crossed on that!

Thanks again :-)

farming4 Mon 27-Jun-11 19:08:59

Hi have you looked at the Feldenkrais method - my mil is a sports injury therapist and has also worked with adults with physical disabilities after brain injury or stroke. akaik its exercises to train the brain to work with both sides of the body and to increase body awareness. Sorry I'm a bit vague but shes always going on about it and its always worth a look.......grin

IndigoBell Mon 27-Jun-11 20:59:20

Black - INPP are physical exercises, so they're like OT, but they're carefully selected to fix the underlying problem your child has - retained reflexes.

Everyone on here seems to have been given different exercises. The main one my DS has been doing for the last year is touching his right hand to his left knee (when sitting down with his legs outstretched), then his left hand to his right knee......

Lots and lots of people here have had a lot of success with it. Search 'retained reflexes'. It takes at least a year, of 10 mins a day, to complete the program -but you will see results far quicker than that. We saw dramatic improvements within 6 weeks.

I've also recently started cranial osteopath with DS - and am pleased with that as well.

Regular OT is not as good as Retained Reflex Therapy.......

BlackL Mon 27-Jun-11 21:51:00

Thanks Indigobell! Def will be giving it a go. Sounds very promising. Gonna wait for 6-8 weeks to see what progress may be made with oesteopath first then start INPP and sound therapy in August.
farmer4 - I came across Feldenkrais method on the internet a few days ago, and forgot the name! Thanks! Will have a good look into it :-)

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