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DLA form - mobility

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Tiggles Sat 18-Jun-11 20:35:36

I am currently using the Cerebra form to fill in DSs DLA claim form. So just a quick question smile
I am fairly certain DS would not qualify for higher rate mobility although he often has tantrums and refuses to walk if something has gone wrong in school/change of route as younger DS (with probably ASD) likes a different route etc etc so I have stuff to fill in on question 6 which the cerebra guide says is for higher rate. But should I therefore repeat it all in part 7 which it says is for lower rate, or will the assessors just say 'ok the answer in part 6 isn't enough for higher rate, but we will lump it with the stuff in part 7' and (hopefully) award lower.
I am unsure as the DLA form itself doesn't say that one part is for higher rate and one for lower rate.
Hope that makes at least some sense!

EllenJaneisnotmyname Sun 19-Jun-11 19:33:09

I'd answer each part individually, repeating if necessary, as if you didn't know what each part was for. Just a belt and braces approach, always better safe than sorry. There's another thread on mobility, I've copied this bit from my response.

You need to make it clear that he doesn't just refuse to move, he's unable to understand or follow instructions when he's having a meltdown, to ensure he doesn't sound like a NT child having a tantrum. He is completely unaware of danger and will run into moving traffic unless phyically restrained and is unable to understand 'stop.' You have to make it clear that he is very different from an average child of the same age, he's not just a bit naughty, he's actually unable to comply or understand due to his disability. He's too big to lift or carry, etc.

Hope that's useful. We got LRM.

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