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sensory integration therapy

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feynman Thu 26-May-11 01:30:30

Does anyone have this written in their childs statement? If so how did you manage it. Or does anyone have examples of clinical evidence that supports this type of OT.


feynman Sat 28-May-11 00:43:09

Shamless bumping, anyone?

Ben10isthespawnofthedevil Sat 28-May-11 06:27:43

We are doing SIT but DS isn't statemented. I've just posted on the other dyspraxia thread re our experience.

IndigoBell Sat 28-May-11 07:13:04

Everyone (with ASD or dyspraxia) in our LEA gets 4 sessions on the NHS for free. So there must be enough evidence that it works.

feynman Fri 03-Jun-11 00:28:32

Indigobell, which lea are you in? Would you mind pming me? Thanks

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