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Feel so sad for my 10yr daughter.....

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sahs1969 Sat 04-Dec-10 06:07:08

We are at the end of knowing what to do...
She has been tested for ASD-and we have been told she doesn't have it....
She just really really struggles to socialise in a normal way-she constantly giggles, is loud, silly and cannot actually sit and make a conversation with either us or her friends-of which she has only 1 or 2.
Last night we took her and a little boy from her class ice skating and for dinner for her b/day-well the whole hour of ice skating she kept seeking attention-falling deliberately and crying, saying she wasnt having fun and wanted to go home (when we could clearly see she was).
The other thing she does is constantly runs herself down with things like "I'm so stupied, everyone thinks I am so I must be", "I have no friends", I want to change the happy face to a sad face on the pizza"-and the list goes on and on.
We are having a big meeting at school next week with Consultant from GOSH and her senco-this is due to us going to Tribunal as we want to fight for a statement for her-both educationally and behaviourally and socially-we cannot see her coping in High School-her self esteem is rock bottom and she just has no idea how to act age appropriate.
HELP.............I just want to cry as both DH and I always praise her and tell her how proud we are of her....but as she is getting older it's just getting harder for her.
PS School senco is totally against Statement as she feels dd is fine and nothing wrong

IndigoBell Sat 04-Dec-10 06:56:35

Oohhhhh. So sad to hear your troubles. Certainly sounds like she might have ASD or something. Who told you she didn't?

Building up kids self esteem is truly hard. A lot of kids find praise patronizing and don't ever believe you mean it.

Has she been seen by a clinical psychologist?

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