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Had a great holiday

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Blossomhill Sun 21-Aug-05 20:32:45

Got back yesterday from a week in the IOW. We stayed in a place called Thorness Bay, which is a Park Resorts site here

Well it was the best holiday we have ever been on. So child friendly and most of all dd friendly. Things couldn't have worked out better really. Our caravan (which was really big) was the furthest away from anyone and we had loads of open space which was great with dd. So didn't have that feeling of being on top of everyone.

Dd fell in love with a rabbit who was outside the chalet of one of the workers. She called it Mr Rabbity and cried on the way home as she said she will really miss him. She would just sit for ages looking and talking to him. She was so sweet. It's dd's 6th birthday in a week so guess what we are going to get her. A rabbit

We went to the club every night but dd found the main bit too noisy (as did all of us) but towards the end she did come in and only had 1 finger in her ear and on the last night none at all. She was also happy as we bought her a slush puppy (which she never gets at home) and she would sit and watch some of the acts and then we would take her into the amusements for a bit.

This holiday has given us lots of confidence as we also managed to eat out a lot so are hoping to go to Spain next year.

We obv. had moments with dd but generally things were easier and we managed to relax and enjoy the holiday. Something we haven't been able to since dd has been born

coppertop Sun 21-Aug-05 20:40:34

Awwww! It sounds like an excellent holiday, BH. I bet you can't wait to see dd's face when she realises she's going to have a rabbit all of her own.

(And not that sort either if you're lurking, MrsF!)

Chocol8 Sun 21-Aug-05 21:00:44

Coppertop - pmsl!

So glad you had a great holiday Bloss - and so glad it has given you the confidence to try abroad too! I did it the wrong way round and did Spain first last year and vowed NEVER to go back unless I have help (of any kind).

Well done - am gonna check out your link now. x

Blossomhill Sun 21-Aug-05 21:35:06

Hi Choc

Just wanted to say would it be ok to CAT you? It's just I saw your reply on my meds thread and although dd doesn't have an AS dx she is very similar and I wouldn't be surprised if we don't get that dx later on. Would really appreciate talking but by e-mail or msn if that's ok?

Chocol8 Sun 21-Aug-05 23:35:18

Sorry Bloss - just came to shut down after watching a dvd. Yes, of course it's ok, feel free. Speak soon. x

moondog Sun 21-Aug-05 23:41:43

Fantastic news blossomhill. I've always wanted to go to the Isle of Wight.I'd love to see dd's face when she gets the rabbit! How will you present it to her?
(I've CATed you btw.)

Blossomhill Mon 22-Aug-05 00:11:30

Choc - can't CAT you as I can't log in (problem with cookies or something ) Could you CAT me please

Blossomhill Mon 22-Aug-05 00:14:17

Thanks Moondog - it's a great place. I will reply as soon as I can!

Not sure how to present it to her yet. Probably with a huge bow around the cage though!

Funny little thing that she is dd has been circling all of the things she wants for her birthday in the Argos catalogue and I have been in stitches. Dd honestly thinks I can afford to buy the whole of the Sylvanian family stuff. They are so expensive! May get her a few little things or ask family to get her some instead!

jenk1 Mon 22-Aug-05 09:32:23

ive just had a look at the link blossom-it looks really good. Its funny cos me and DH were saying that next year we want to go to the IOW on a camping holiday for a change as we usually go abroad with DS who is AS, but DD has many allergies and we would rather go away in the uk,it sounds the right place for my DS and i have just ordered a brochure!

Merlot Mon 22-Aug-05 09:46:06

So pleased to hear that you had a lovely time Blossomhill

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