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beautifuldaytosavelives Tue 13-Mar-18 11:14:35


DD is practically the poster girl for dyscalculia. She is in Y5 now, and only with my pushing are School recognising that there might be more to it than not being as good at maths as everything else. Teacher preparing the IEP for Senco visit. I'm new to all this, so just looking for dyscalculia advice really.

Kimlek Sun 18-Mar-18 06:57:35

I’m no help at all sorry! But wondering what signs suggest dyscalcula? I’ve googled it as query if my DD is affected too but it’s very vague and struggling to see the difference between that and just not been very good at maths.

Tainbri Sun 18-Mar-18 14:18:53

It depends on the severity (it's pretty obvious with DS!) but you'll probably need an ed psyc report for school to take any real notice

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