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Dyspraxia, behaviour and change

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Canshopwillshop Wed 22-Mar-17 11:23:06

My DS is 10 and was diagnosed with dyspraxia a few years ago. He has always been very well behaved at school and his recent school report gave him 'excellent' for both attitude and behaviour. However, there have been 2 incidents in the last week where DS has misbehaved in class and then been cheeky to the teacher when they told him off. On both occasions it was a supply teacher.

Yesterday, I was in doing reading when DS's regular teacher said she wanted a word. She brought DH out of class and, in front of me, asked him to tell me exactly what happened, what he'd said to the teacher etc (he'd already told me what had happened). His teacher admitted that she was very surprised because the behaviour is so out of character. DS was close to tears and I felt very uncomfortable and felt she was being very harsh. Neither incident was that serious - one was dabbing and the other was taking another child's rubber as a joke.

I'm not making excuses but just trying to understand the behaviour and wondering if it's a succession of different supply teachers which is unsettling him? He is very routine led. He has also mentioned that a boy he considered his friend has been calling him a 'spastic' and a 'retard' so I'm going to talk to the teacher about that but should I also remind her about his dyspraxia and that the recent constant change of teacher could have contributed to his bad behaviour etc or does that just sound lame?

He is so upset, says he hates school and the teachers hate him.

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