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Recommendations for SEN schools for ASD in Surrey

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Malga Tue 31-Jan-17 22:04:35

DS2 is now 8.5yrs old, he was diagnosed in Holland shortly before he was four and our move back to the UK. He is in mainstream with FT1:1 because we could not find a suitable unit place for him. As predicted by a few, it seems key stage 2 is the melting point and school say they have exhausted all their strategies for dealing with him, they are bringing in a behavioural therapist/specialist to assess him and advise... I can see the writing is on the wall and am looking at all the special schools in the area, already familiar with a few. DS2 is out of year group, currently in Y3, I'd rather not send him to a primary for what will be two or even just one year, (if the authorities put him back in year group), before secondary. Any recommendations of schools which cater for autism from 8 - 18?

Shybutnotretiring Thu 02-Feb-17 18:08:22

Our situation is very similar and I would like St Dominic's Hambledon or Unsted Park Godalming for my 9 year old DS with ASD.

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