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Anyone tried an online programme called 'Learning Success'? Other recommendations for a child who struggles with homework?

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belfastyank Wed 20-Jan-16 10:16:43

Hi all, my DD, who is 7 and in Primary 3, just came home with a note from her teacher to request a meeting regarding an IEP. As a parent, I have been aware for some time that she isn't really working up to her potential. Doing homework with her can be seriously frustrating because her attention span is so bad that everything takes 5 times longer than it should.

So, after Googling IEP, I have decided I am glad she's getting extra help and the problem is being addressed. My meeting with the teacher is tomorrow so maybe I am jumping the gun here by asking for advice before speaking with the teacher. When I was looking into it, though, I came across a programme called Learning Success. The video they use to advertise it sounded pretty convincing. Basically, the theory is that since a child who needs extra help isn't connecting with traditional teaching methods, using more of them won't help. So, with this programme, you will be emailed exercises to do with your child each day to help improve certain brain functions. Has anybody had any experience with Learning Success? I can't find reviews anywhere, but perhaps it's relatively new.

31vicki Mon 22-Feb-16 21:13:58


I was just reading through your post and wondered if you have tried Learning Success out as of yet?

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