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Educational psychologist for 3 yr old

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yorkie148 Sun 17-Jan-16 19:04:34

My LB has recently been diagnosed with Autism especially non verbal limited understanding and not out of nappies, we have an educational psychologist coming out but I'm all new to this what questions should I be asking any help will be greatly appreciated xx

hazeyjane Sun 17-Jan-16 19:13:32

When my ds saw an ed psych at 3, they came into preschool - she started off talking to me about ds, his birth, medical history, behaviour, which professionals he sees etc. The she sat in with his 1-1 at preschool and observed ds, she didn't do any assessments, but wrote a very detailed report, stating everything that I had said, and what she had observed. She also wrote what, in her opinion, he needed to help support him at preschool and school.

I asked if I could be copied into the report (as it wasn't automatic).

I now work as a 1-1 and have been through a similar process with the ed psych for other children.

You may get more responses on the SN Children board - which gets more traffic than this board!

yorkie148 Sun 17-Jan-16 21:26:08

He's not in nursery yet as the nursery I wanted him in was a baby class then he would of gone into the preschool class in sept but as he's not out of nappies the nursery wouldn't take him

Fairylea Mon 18-Jan-16 07:21:55


My little boy is 3.7 and we are in the middle of drafting his ehcp (new version of statement for him) and applying for a place at special schools so we have seen an educational psychologist as part of the process. My son had asd and learning difficulties.

Basically she sat and listened to us and wrote a long history and them observed him. My son goes to a specialist nursery so she observed him there but to be honest they could do it at home too. She wrote a report based on what she had seen and how she viewed his difficulties.

For us we talked to her from a point of view of wanting to get a specialist placement for September so she looked at everything from that point of view.

I would think about the help and support you would like your little one to have and go from there.

Also wanted to point out a placement cannot refuse to take your child because they are still in nappies, they are discriminating and need to assign someone to change them. If you get an ehcp this is written into their plan but they should do this anyway. Lots of places will tell you they won't do it but it is actually illegal not to allocate staffing and funding in an early years provision to cater to a child's toileting needs.

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