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Please can you help me find an academic primary\prep school in West London with good SEN and creative teaching for 6yo DD with ADD ?

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CountryFlowers Wed 01-Jul-15 14:13:04

Hi there,

I'd really appreciate some advice.

Over the years I have grown increasingly concerned about my dd (age 6). We have taken her to see a variety of health professionals and she has been diagnosed ADD\ADHD. She is not disruptive (at school) - just finds it hard to keep focussed and sit still, and to sleep. At home she feels a bit freer to let rip. We always believed she was on the bright side and Ed Psych said she scored in v high percentile range for most of the testing (99% in some areas). She is often tired though at school because she has to work harder (mentally) to stay focussed. So she finds it difficult to complete tasks or gets frustrated. This is compounded by the fact that the teaching style is quite formal and a bit old fashioned - I think she gets bored because she is not stimulated enough.

Ed Psych said that she needs to be in a school with good SEN that is also more academically challenging and where she can benefit from a more creative style of teaching. Does such a combination exist in West London? Am thinking Latymer Prep? Or what about Bute House? I know both are creative and I think SEN at LP is meant to be v good but what about Bute - can anyone tell me about SEN there? Or NHEHS? Or any other ideas? Obviously we would need to get ready quickly now given 7+ entry process will be looming after the summer.

Thanks in advance

CountryFlowers Wed 01-Jul-15 22:59:59

bump. anyone?

LetsEscape Thu 02-Jul-15 21:33:28

I have a 13 year old like that not ADD/ADHD but processing diffs and very bright and creative, She is at Latymer Upper and the SEN is second to none and the support and dissemination to teachers excellent. Academically a very strong school and drama art outstanding.
Not sure that secondary SEN covers prep so do check.
Good luck

CountryFlowers Tue 07-Jul-15 11:53:04

Thank you, Lets Escape - I love the idea of Latymer Upper - I think that the prep and upper are quite closely affiliated so good to know that the SEN there is good. Will def explore further. x

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