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HELP!! Who can I contact with re to sons education??

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luckimum Thu 01-May-14 14:31:23

Apologies in advance for long post, i am cutting long story short though lol.

My 9 yr old DS had meningitis when he was 3 years old, he was critical but thankfully pulled through and made what we thought was a full recovery. Despite the fact he should of had follow up appointments he never did. I knew as time went on, along with his nursery teacher at the time that something was not right. It was as if his memory had been wiped on all the things he had learnt (colours, numbers, everything was back to front etc).I took him to see a paediatrician who told me I was worrying about nothing!!

6 years on and its very obvious my son has been affected by the Meningitis, his School have been very supportive upto now and the SENCO team have been great with him, however, as he is getting older it appears they are losing interest and despite informing me last July they were putting him in for a statement, Ive had to badger them about it and they now claim its all changing and it will be some time before the change is through!!

Meetings I have had with his class teacher have shown his reading,writing and mathematical levels are all at the same age range as my 6 year old son, they have a program specially made for him where he has extra help but I just dont feel its enough.

Last January I had a meeting with the educational psychologist who had come to the school to firstly talk to me then arrange to sit in and asses my son, I explained all the problems my son has and the fact that there is now a MOSAIC report that proves that Meningitis does leave suffers with memory and learning problems. Hopeful that they would realise this I waited to hear of her report....she only actually came out to assess him last week.

I am so frustrated at the lack of support I seem to be getting now and feel like Im constantly having to push to arrange any kind of outside help. I know that these things take time but Its taken me 6 years to finally prove that my Ds needs special needs education and now they are dragging their feet. I dont want him to go into secondary school without having the best possible chance and I feel im fighting on my own.

Is there anyone I can contact outside of the school?? Im not knockking the school on a whole, they have been great up untill the last summer term but if I dont fight for him I feel he is going to be let down.

Angela93 Sat 03-May-14 09:02:44

Contact sen at your local education department also ipsea

postmanpatscat Sun 04-May-14 18:04:35

Please contact Meningitis Now. I'm a SENCo and recently went on a course they organised which really highlighted how brain injury can have long term effects. It was delivered by someone from the Child Brain Injury Trust, so contact them too.

Fideline987654321 Sun 04-May-14 18:05:40

Another vote for IPSEA

StarlightMcKenzie Sun 04-May-14 18:18:12


If you post on the SN Children section of this board you'll get a lot more responses to your post. This board is rarely posted on.

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