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School Action Plus

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Toothfairy22 Thu 19-Sep-13 11:46:08

My son is on school action plus for dyslexia. We are submitting his secondary school application and it asks if he has a statement of educational needs. Does school action plus mean he has this or is it something different? We were told by the educational psychologist that his IEP would continue in secondary school but it wasn't explained as to how this happens.

mummytime Thu 19-Sep-13 12:21:45

School action plus is not a statement. If your child had a statement they would be admitted under a different category to the school named in the statement.

As you look around schools you need to speak to the SENCO in each school and ask questions about how he will be supported, how IEPs will be written and reviewed. IMHO this is far more important for a child with SEN than issues such as "does the school teach mandarin", how big the school is, or the quality of the sports facilities.

Once you have a school place, it is worth contacting the SENCO again to give her the heads up on your son. Records will be passed from primary school to secondary but they can take a while.

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