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could do with some advice regarding taking my son out of school due to bullying....

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genieinabottle Wed 10-Jul-13 12:14:49

Hello, my son who is 7 and diagnosed with ASD, is moving school in September.
We have been unhappy with the support he is getting on school action plus (or rather not getting) at his current school and the amount of bullying going on there.

Following yet another unacceptable incident yesterday where his 'supposedly buddy' (a child that has agreed to accompany him to the toilets to make sure all is well) attacked him from behind and tried to wrestle his head down the loo. DS struggled and in the process slipped, bruised his cheekbone and cut his bottom lip open. The teacher was apologetic and said the child in question has been dealt with, but i feel things have escalated in the last term and will not be bringing him back to that school again.

So my questions... if i send a letter of de-registration to his current school H/T do i have to also inform the Lea that we are going to home educate for the rest of the summer term? And could the Lea withdraw his place at the other school in September? (his place has been accepted a month ago and DS is not statemented)

If anyone knows the answers i'd be grateful as i am quite worried about him losing his place at the other school.
Thank you for reading smile

Skashow11 Sun 14-Jul-13 13:53:53


I can fully understand what your going through! My daughter has Aspergers Syndrome, a form of high functioning asd and she is often a victim of bullying. Thing with her is the bully is a daughter of a school governor so nothing is ever done about it! They've cut her hair, taken her earrings out and thrown books at her, if i complain then i'm usually the unreasonable parent and fobbed off with crap!

In your case, i would either bypass the school and approach the governing body or approach a parent guidance association if you have 1 in your area? Either way you'll get answers. Bullying is disgusting and should not be tolerated in any school by any child and its made worse when it is children who don't understand whats going on that are victims!

I do hope both you and your son get the answers you need smile

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