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Ellen68 Sun 07-Jul-13 23:27:47

We are currently in the process of applying for a statement for our DS. The request will be sent by his school and we have compiled assessment reports from SALT, the EP, OT and the pediatrician to go in with the request. What I'm struggling with is the parent's report. We are pretty sure that we know what we want to write, what his educational, non-educational needs are, but do we include how he is at home, what his strengths are? There seems to templates for all other parts of the process but not this part!

BackforGood Sun 07-Jul-13 23:35:56

I've always advised parents to write the report about their dc on a bad day. It's depressing, and not how you would normally write a report or any documentation about them, but you are asking for support, so you do need to emphasise the difficulties rather than the things that are really positive.
It might be theraputic for you to write out another list of all the strengths and positive things for yourself, but you don't want to confuse the people drawing up the statement with too much positivity.

Ellen68 Sun 07-Jul-13 23:54:47

Thanks, that is a good idea. The reports are all very clear about his difficulties and needs, so it would be rather counter productive to list all the lovely things!

pumpkinsweetie Mon 08-Jul-13 06:43:06

Hi Ellen, i can't help but i'm just starting out in regards to wanting my nearly 5yo dd statmented.
I'm seeing the Special needs coordinatoor at the school this week for a meeting organized by myself as i'm fed up with excuses from the school and want my dd idealy to have a one to one in school aswell as more help to fufill her needs. She has speech problems, nearly all behaviour and mannerisms point to autism but so far no help, school keep saying she's improving although her last teacher agreed she needs more support that can only be made through a statement, but teacher left and i'm now having to go this alone.

Where do i start, where do i begin?
Do i go to the doctors? Or directly to the school? Is there anything i can say in the meeting that will make the coordinator see that she needs a statement, will they even agree?
Tia x

BackforGood Mon 08-Jul-13 14:40:23

Hi Pumpkin.
There are two separate things to do. One is the medical route for the diagnosis, and the other is the educational route for the Statement.
After the law changes next year, it is supposed to all come together as one, but, for now, it's two separate pathways.

The school can ask the Educational Psychologist to come in and observe and work with your child, and, if the meeting after that agrees it's the right thing to do, can instigate what they call 'Statutory Assessment'.
As a Parent, you have the right to make a parental request for Statutory Assessment (you make the request to the Local Authority).

An Ed Psych will want to see what the school is already putting in place though, so, at you meeting, you need to ask the school what adjustments they are currently making to meet your child's needs, and can you have a copy of that IEP (Individual Education Plan). If they haven't got one, then you need to ask them how they are documenting the additional support and the impact it's having on your child.

If you find the school is not supporting your request, then it might carry more weight if you have a diagnosis. To get this, you have to be referred to a CDC (Child Development Centre). Again, the school can do this, but around here we find a quicker route in is to get your GP to refer you. The medical diagnosis needs to come from a Paediatrician, but does not, on it's own, provide you with automatic support in school, you need to apply for that separately (see above).

Feel free to come back and ask about anything that's not clear - there are loads of lovely MNers with this type of knowledge.

pumpkinsweetie Mon 08-Jul-13 15:54:00

Thankyou very much Back, blimey didn't know there were two routes to go down, seems so complicated.
Hope to get through my points to the the senco tomorrow and hope she takes it all on board.

BackforGood Mon 08-Jul-13 18:53:45

No problem.
Obviously just my opinion / experience, but if I thought one of my dc might have autism, I would really want it formally diagnosed. As your child goes through the school system, a lot of Local Authority services are so overwhelmed they will just not have the capacity to offer any support or advice to a child without a diagnosis. Of course, if she doesn't have it, then she won't get one smile, but it might be that she gets some Sp&L support?

armani Tue 09-Jul-13 19:26:10

Hi OP you can request a statutory assessment from your LEA yourself. Check out IPSEA for help and a model letter etc. I have applied for SA for my dd and I wrote a letter including all of dds medical and educational history, quoting from reports to prove my points. I literally included every school report from nursery onwards, OT reports, physio reports, salt reports, a letter from dds teacher outling concerns, mast referral forms, pead reports etc. include anything that will help support your case. Keep the letter very factual and to the point.
I have just been told today that the LEA have accepted my request and are going to iniate SA smile
This is despite the school teachers, senco, EP etc all saying dds needs were not bad enough!
Good luck!

armani Tue 09-Jul-13 19:27:14

Sorry initiate blush

Riv Tue 16-Jul-13 21:26:41

If you need statement advice I can't praise IPSEA (Independent Parental Special Education Advice) high enough. They really know their stuff and the legal twists and turns. They have a brilliant site with information, support and model letters about what to do, what to expect etc when you have a child with special educational needs and are having difficulties with the education system They also have a great telephone help line and people with personal experience that can and will support you through the process if it gets tricky. (it can get very busy as they don’t have many volunteers).

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