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Advice wanted from teachers

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nappyaddict Thu 25-Apr-13 17:00:34

My son is in year 2 and is 6.10

He has moderate learning difficulties, speech delay and Autism.

I am concerned that his progress this year has slowed down and that school aren't meeting his needs.

Every March the class teacher submits and annual review with his current p scale levels and targets for the end of year 2.

Last year these were his levels and targets for summer 2013.

English (overall) - P5.4 P7.0
Reading - P4.2 P5.4
Writing - P4.2 P5.4
Speaking - P6.4 P8.4
Listening - P6.4 P8.4

Maths (overall) - P6.0 P7.6
Number P6.4 P8.0
Using & Applying P5.6 P7.2
Shape, space & measures P5.8 P7.4

Science (overall) - P6.4 P8.4
Scientific enquiry - P6.4 P8.4
Life processes - P6.6 P8.8
Materials - P6.2 P8.2
Physical processes P6.2 P6.2

ICT - P5.0 P6.8

PSHE - P6.4 P8.4

This year his levels and targets for summer 2013 are:

English (overall) - P6.4 P6.6
Reading - P5.6 P6.0
Writing - P4.8 P5.4
Speaking - P7.4 P7.8
Listening - P7.4 P7.4

Maths (overall) - P7.0 P7.2
Number P7.6 P7.8
Using & Applying P6.6 P6.8
Shape, space & measures P6.6 P7.2

Science (overall) - P7.2 P7.8
Scientific enquiry - P7.4 P8.0
Life processes - P7.4 P8.0
Materials - P6.8 P7.4
Physical processes P7.4 P7.8

ICT - P5.6 P5.8

PSHE - P7.0 P7.6

As you can see the targets for summer 2013 have been lowered so to me that means his progress has slowed down if they expected him to achieve higher at the end of summer 2013 last year.

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