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Help needed for complaint

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bigpieuk Thu 14-Mar-13 22:15:50

Hi, we have three children with their own issues that have all attended the same primary, however since our middle son was diagnosed with ADHD ( and since then Dyslexia, dyscalculia plus others) we have found a system of institutional bullying from the head as she does not want 'different' children at her school. Our eldest has moved up to secondary and we have moved our middle son to a school that will help him but she has now excluded our youngest and we fell she is in many cases instigating his behaviour. Other parents with chidren who had special needs have moved from the school and she has apparantly been getting away with it for years, even the LEA who i spoke to know what she is like and a couple of governors have told me 'off the record' that they think she is doing this.

It just seems the head of a school can do pretty much what they like so long as they don't physically touch a child. My next stage is to draft a lengthy formal complaint to the governors but would appreciate it if anyone knows what regulations to cite etc and the best angle to take.

Sorry for the lengthy post..

Teachercreature Tue 26-Mar-13 20:35:22

How awful!

Well usually the first stage is to discuss it with the head first and raise concerns. Here you go:

So yes, do put it in writing, and do complain - things like this shouldn't be happening!

Also if you wish to complain more specifically re SEND issues, here is the link for that too:

Good luck and hope it gets sorted.

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