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sen secondary school admission 2013

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scraggle23 Fri 12-Oct-12 00:59:15

I do hope somebody out there can give me honest help and advice.

We have tonight come home from an open evening of our school of choice for our son Jake. Our son is statemented and is (for those who know the banding system) a band D with a weighting of 2.5. He has access to 20 hrs of support per week. Although we are Catholics,and go to church when we can (as custody is shared at the weekend and Jakes father is not a church goer) we have been told by nearly every teacher that unless we attend church every week our application will be refused.

I am devastated. The choice of School was made only by weighing up the support that can be provided to Jake in the best way and for his needs. I am not a hypocrite and we are believers and proud. Of our faith. Although, this does make me question the interpretation of the School's belief if they can turn away a SEN child who needs their support and expertise in helping him develop in a nurturing environment.

Does anyone know the ruling on this? Life is so cruel.

eggandcress Fri 12-Oct-12 18:18:47

This is not correct you need to speak to your named LEA officer and tell her which school you would like him to go to. The LEA then contacts the school on your behalf and says they have to take him, if they want to object the reasons have to be because they cannot manage his SEN etc. Being the wrong/lapsed/infrequent attendee for the religion the school is based on is not grounds for refusal.

scraggle23 Fri 12-Oct-12 22:00:43

Firstly, Thankuou for your comments. I do hope you are right and I will certainly be following your advice. Please forgive me if you feel me rude, but how familiar are you with this sort of scenario?

Kindest regards


eggandcress Sat 13-Oct-12 10:05:01

Amazingly we are going through exactly the same as you!
I have two Dc with statements - my DS is very severely impaired and attends a special school but my DD is at mainstream school. She is visually impaired. I looked round the local Catholic school and they are very experienced in VI and it is very close to where we lived so I thought the school would be perfect for her. We are not Catholic. I asked my LEA woman and she said they could not refuse my DD because we are not Catholic.
The system of admissions for children with statements is very different than other children, the school you choose gets named on Part 4 of the statement. You should contact your local Parent Partnership for advise and the SENCO at your DS's current primary or the headteacher at his primary and anyone else you think will be able to advise you who knows your son. You have the law on your side and you can more or less choose the school you feel is right for your DS. The LEA has the final say not the school.

P.S. You should also put a thread on SN children as you will get masses of fantastic advice on there

If you would like to PM me I can give you more details 'off air' as it were!

I do hope you resolve this I hate to see you not being given the right info

eggandcress Sat 13-Oct-12 17:25:15

P.P.S. Google the 'Special Educational Needs Code of Practice' issued by the Department of Education and have a little look, particularly chapter 8.

Also look on your local authority website for school admission there maybe details there - my one did

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