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Connecta sling - anyone got one?

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Mellin Tue 29-Sep-09 10:54:26

Questions for those who have Connecta slings or have tried them out...

Do you think it is suitable for an 8 week old, is there enough head support for them to sleep comfortably?

DS is a big baby (nearly 6kg) and 8 weeks old.

I have a bjorn but he doesn't like it much, yells when he goes in it everytime. He like to scrunch his hands up under his chin to sleep, and bjorn prevents him doing this. Looks like he could do this in a connecta?

I am a bit scared of the stretchy wraps and not being able to tie it quickly enough and get him in it before he goes beserk!


NaccetyMac Tue 29-Sep-09 12:43:30

I do have one, and used it with an 8 week old (and on my back from about 12 weeks!) - but I prefer my Mei Tai for a teeny tiny baby.

Mellin Tue 29-Sep-09 14:21:51

Thanks Naccety, it's a bit quit on this thread and thought I wasn't going to get an answer?

I am tossing up between Connecta and Mei Tai. Am thinking now that maybe he would be snugglier in a Mei Tai.... but don't know how to choose which one as there seems to be maby brands.

NaccetyMac Tue 29-Sep-09 15:36:32

I got one from a lady on ebay, here she has no items for sale atm, but might be worth emailing? Mine was £36, made and delivered in 2 days! And it's fab, lovely wide straps and great quality materials. grin

NaccetyMac Tue 29-Sep-09 15:39:36

It's really about experimenting, too. I use my connecta sometimes, but I am mostly using the MT. With DS1, we lived in the Kari Me, Ergo and RS with DD it was the RS only! I've actually sold the Kari Me as I was hardly used it, hankering after a woven wrap though!

monkeycat Tue 29-Sep-09 21:18:42

I got my connecta when DD was 8 months so don't know how it would be for a tiny baby , but I do like it , and use it , a lot .

I used a calin bleu wrap when she was smaller and would say that once you get the hang of a wrap it doesn't really take any longer to put on than most other slings.

I have never used a real mei tai tho ' - there were too many to choose between for indecisive me !

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