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Which framed back pack baby carrier

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shirleytwo Thu 03-Sep-09 01:34:47

Looking at a simple framed Tomy Snugli, or Mothercare back pack baby carrier with the natty looking rain cover etc.Als looked at bush baby. Has anyone any advice on what models to buy or not buy please , for what Id call moderate walking - maybe a few hours at a time at a festival/shopping or whatever. Do some have hidden drawbacks?

Tambajam Thu 03-Sep-09 07:31:44

I have always had bushbabies. I'm on my second but only because I gave away my first. I like having a pad for LO to rest her head on when she falls asleep, stirrups and small detachable rucksack that zips off is handy. Bush baby is well made and child feels very secure. There are lighter ones though that are just thin fabric and frame. I'm pretty small but manage with heavier one for a few hours.

shirleytwo Thu 03-Sep-09 16:38:14

Thanks Tambajam (ref to Tamba - you havent got twins have you?) The bush baby is certainly worth looking at - but of course its hard to know just by a quick try on. Was hoping someone would come on and crucify a few so I could rule them out lol , as well as people praising some! Did you find any shortcomings with the Bushbaby - like getting it on and off- only the Venus appears to have a stand. Which model did u get or has it been scuffed off by now lol.

Tambajam Fri 04-Sep-09 07:11:00

Not twins. Originally inspired by a small purple dragon called Tamba.
Bushbaby is heavy when my 21 mth old is in it and it's loaded with packed lunch etc. It has loads of storage space. I need to get it on a sofa or have some help.
The one we have looks a bit like this but it's a slightly older model by the looks of it.

If you don't need all that storage I would probably try a lighter one.

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