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I have an Ergo, do I need a stretchy wrap?

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GiraffesAndButterflies Wed 02-Dec-15 10:42:50

Subject line says it all really. I loved having DD in a carrier, even though to start with I was using a rubbish second hand one. I splashed out on an Ergobaby after a while and she loved that too. I have the newborn insert for it.

Second time around: I have the urge to buy a wrap because they look so lovely and soft and newborn-friendly and I'm having an earth mother moment. I suspect these are not good reasons!! Are there any strong benefits a wrap provides that an Ergo doesn't? Breastfeeding would be one, is it possible to bf in an Ergo?

Callthemodwife Wed 02-Dec-15 10:52:11

I used both a moby wrap and an ergo with DS and am now using the moby again with DS2 (a week old). IME the ergo, even with the newborn insert, is nowhere near as snuggly and almost seems uncomfortable for tiny legs. With the moby you bundle them up for the first few weeks. Don't have any hard arguments either way but my feeling is very much the same as yours - stretchy wraps just seem better for tiny babies! Will switch to the ergo when he gets wriggly at about 5 months I think!

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