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Multi position carrier for 1+

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Ijustworemytrenchcoat Wed 01-Oct-14 00:28:18

Hello, I've managed to confuse myself skirting around this board. I need a carrier and there is no sling library anywhere near me (Isle of Wight is the closest and I can't get there!).

I am after a carrier for my 14 month old but I'd like it to last a while as am not so keen to splash out on one that can only be used to 18 months. He's on the 25th centile but I'm a bit of a weakling so want something comfortable that will spread his weight evenly and be comfy for us both. I've only ever used a Close Caboo and often felt he was a bit uncomfy in it, no matter how much I spread the fabric I always felt it was digging in to his legs.

I like the look of the Ergo 360 as I would especially like the option of a back carry and the side carry but have seen the Manduca, Tula, Rose & Rebellion etc. recommended on here so am open to be persuaded. I've seen it mentioned the Ergo works best on someone with wide shoulders so that sounds good for my (ex swimmer) shoulders.

Photinia Mon 13-Oct-14 10:09:34

Some possible SSC-based solutions for you...

The Manduca is one of the largest (and certainly tallest) "baby" sized SSCs out there. The weight limit is huge (25kg?) but you will probably find DS's legs getting too long (so that the fabric digs in on his thighs) well before that. My 75th centile DD was being carried comfortably at 24 months, which is when I bought a toddler carrier (I switched because she was just about big enough for the toddler carrier and I preferred the pattern shallow rather than because she needed to swap). It won't suddenly get agonisingly uncomfortable, so you might well find that it lasts you as long as he wants to be carried, especially if you aren't carrying "full time". Or they hold their value for resale, especially if you hang on to the packaging etc.

The toddler Tula is huge, and not something I'd recommend for a 14mo. But you could buy a baby Tula and then, if you are still carrying when he grows out of it, buy the "Free to Grow" leg extensions.

Some of the "toddler" sized carriers are much smaller than the Tula - probably not much bigger than the Manduca - and might be a good fit. But I don't know which ones.

Or there's another solution: a woven wrap. But from your OP, you seem quite keen on SSCs.

BabyGotBack13 Tue 02-Dec-14 15:01:51

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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